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‘New man for Marnie?’ Hollyoaks newcomer Nathan Sussex reveals all!

‘New man for Marnie?’ Hollyoaks newcomer Nathan Sussex reveals all!

There’s a new man in town when Damon Kinsella’s dad Buster Smith turns up to Maggie’s funeral. And Marnie soon has her eye on him!

New Hollyoaks actor Nathan Sussex has explained to Soaplife about why his character Buster Smith has turned up in the village – and why he sets his sights on Marnie!

What’s the story?

When Damon Kinsella, Scott Drinkwell and Brody Hudson find a phone number on mum Maggie’s bucket list, they call it and stare open-mouthed in shock when Damon’s dad Buster Smith answers the phone and walks into The Dog that very minute.

“It is a big shock for all of them,” Buster actor Nathan Sussex has told Soaplife. “He’s heard about Maggie’s death and can’t quite believe it when he sees these gaping faces on his arrival.”

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Soaplife’s interview with Nathan Sussex

Soaplife: Why is Buster in the village?

Nathan Sussex: “He wants to go to Maggie’s funeral and he also wants to make amends with Damon. He left when he was a lad of about six and they haven’t had any contact since then.”

S: What was Buster’s relationship with Maggie like?

NS: “He remembers her fondly. They met when they were very young and had quite a stormy relationship – she was quite feisty. Buster is an ex-professional football player who turned his back on his family to concentrate on his career. I think he wants to make up for that now.”

S: How does Buster feel about seeing Damon again?

NS: “There is a lot of ground to catch up on, but there is an instant connection there between father and son.”

S: Damon doesn’t quite trust Buster though, does he?

NS: “No. Buster turns up in the village laden with gifts and even offers to pay for Maggie’s funeral. Damon is a bit wary, though and doesn’t want to accept the money at first.”

S: Where will Buster stay?

NS: “Marnie offers him a place at The Dog. He pushes her buttons a bit. She is a challenge for him, which he likes.”

S: What is his plan?

NS: “He wants to settle back in to family life. The fact that he has Marnie to chase is an added bonus. It will keep him occupied.”

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