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Will Cindy become Lindsey's next victim in Hollyoaks?

Cindy gets her missing mobile back, and is startled to discover a voice message left by Dr S'Avage, just before his death at (opens in new tab)Hollyoaks Pride.

It reveals a woman is behind the mystery murders at the local hospital. So the Gloved Hand Killer can't be current suspect, Trevor, who is still in police custody!


Cindy is determined to solve the mystery of the Gloved Hand Killer and shares her discovery with hospital doctor, Lindsey - unaware she is face to face with the real Gloved Hand Killer. Yikes!


Lindsey is anxious when Cindy decides to take the new evidence to the police. It could clear Trevor's name and end up sending the police in Lindsey's direction. But what will Lindsey do to make sure Cindy doesn't spill the beans?


Lindsey decides to tamper with bi-polar Cindy's medication, making her unwell again. But will it be enough to put a stop to Cindy's search for the Gloved Hand Killer?

Find out what happens in Hollyoaks from Monday, November 23 on Channel 4.