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Tracey's accused of stealing in Hollyoaks

Is Grace's mum Tracey up to no good again?

Ever since she showed her face in Chester, Tracey has been causing trouble. Grace couldn't wait to see the back of her broke mum and even offered her cash to leave but alcoholic Tracey seems keen to stick around.

This week another family spat occurs when money goes mysteriously missing from the till at Grace's salon.

Has a desperate Tracey pocketed the loot?

Tracey does her best startled face when her children accuse her of pilfering from the till.

Earlier on her son Jesse is instantly suspcious when he does a check and realises there's money missing.

Grace, Jesse and Adam confront their trouble-making mum.

Caught out! They find the missing loot in Tracey's bag along with an empty vodka bottle.

Tracey is shocked by their accusations but how is she going to explain herself and get out of this one? And is Grace about to give her mum her marching orders once and for all? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday 12 December.