Alf Stewart has a heart attack in Home and Away!

There's panic when Alf Stewart collapses during a boat trip in Home and Away as the Aussie soap continues on Channel 5...

Dr Tori persuades Alf to give her mechanic brother Justin a job. However as Justin and Alf set out to sea to give Alf's boat, the Blaxland, a maintenance run, Justin's alarmed when the boat breaks down and as the stress builds, Alf suddenly collapses clutching his chest.

Realising he's had a heart attack, Justin tries to radio for help, but with no reception and no way of raising the alarm it's a race against time to save Alf.

Will Justin be able to get help in time? And will Alf pull through?


When Alf collapses with a heart-attack can Justin help save him?

Earlier on, Tori is frustrated by her brother Justin's casual approach to finding a job.

Tori insists he needs to finds work soon so they can all settle into life in Summer Bay properly.

When Tori hears that Alf's going to be taking his boat out on a maintenance run she offers her brother Justin's services, telling Alf he could do with a mechanic on board.

Alf agrees to give Justin a job and despite not being too happy about his sister's interfering, Justin starts work for Alf.

However, their first day together goes horribly wrong. When Alf's boat, the Blaxland, breaks down out at sea, Justin struggles to fix it and there's fresh panic when Alf suddenly collapses to the ground clutching his chest.

A panicked Justin realises his skipper is having a heart attack, but is unable to contact the mainland for help.

Justin realises there's no other option, he's going to have to swim as fast as possible to shore to get help. Will he be able to raise the alarm in time to save Alf? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5, from Monday Aug 1.