Brax and Ricky say goodbye to Summer Bay in Home and Away

When Brax turns up in the Bay with a proposition for Ricky, she's in emotional turmoil.

After much soul-searching,  Ricky and Nate sadly conclude that their marriage is over. They love each other and they've tried their best to make it work but it just isn't enough.

Nate confides in Tori that Ricky has never loved him as much as she loved Brax. Meanwhile Ricky is stunned when Brax turns up in Summer Bay and tells her it was Nate who called him and asked him to come!

What will Ricky say when Brax tells her he's never stopped loving her and he wants her and Casey to start a new life with him?




What will Ricky do when Brax arrives back in Summer Bay? It looks she's made her decision...

Ricky can hardly believe it when Brax returns and asks her to move away with him.

She knows in her heart it's what she wants to do. As the couple talk, their strong feelings for each other resurface. They've never stopped loving each other.

Ricky and Brax kiss and she tells him it's what she wants too. She and Casey will leave Summer Bay and make a new start with him.

Ricky later thanks Nate for being so selfless and breaks the news that she's leaving. Although Nate's heart is breaking he knows it's the right thing for everyone.

Ricky loads up her belongings in Brax's car and the couple say a poignant and sad farewell to Summer Bay. Will this be the start of a happier new chapter for everyone? And how will Nate cope with Ricky out of his life for good? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday July 25.