Carry on doctors! Tori's feelings for Nate grow

Ever since doctor Tori Morgan arrived in Summer Bay, her feelings have been growing for Home and Away heartthrob doctor Nate Cooper. And it looks like he has noticed!

Doctor Tori Morgan's feelings for her hospital colleague, Doctor Nate Cooper, have been quietly growing in Home and Away.

But Tori is in a witness protection programme and is scared to get too close to anyone in Summer Bay. She can't help but feel jealous when she sees another woman flirting with Nate though. And she needs to know how he feels…


Nate finds himself patching up Tori at work – and she finds herself falling for him

Nate has set another pulse racing, though… Nurse Gretchen enjoys flirting with him

Tori is amused when she sees Nurse Gretchen hitting on Nate. But that's not all she feels

Tori gives Nate a knowing look. She can see that Nurse Gretchen fancies him. But how does Nate feel?

Nate has a look of his own for Tori. But what does it mean? Is he falling for her, too?

Nurse Gretchen might help the doctors find out how they feel when she throws the doctors together after accidentally hitting Tori with a trolley and leaving her with a cut on her head

While Nate is treating her, Tori teases him about Nurse Gretchen's flirting and he asks her if she's jealous. Yes, she is. But will she tell him? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, August 22