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Does CuriosityStream Offer A Free Trial?

Best answer: Yes - CuriosityStream offers a 7-day trial period when you sign-up for a monthly or annual plan. When you do sign up, you have the option to cancel before the end of your trial period to avoid any charges. Also, there are some free, ad-supported, episodes available to watch without signing up.

  • CuriosityStream Standard: From $3/mo (opens in new tab) (7 day Free trial, then $3/mo or $20/yr)
  • CuriosityStream Premium: From $10/mo (opens in new tab) (7 day Free trial, then $10/mo or $70/yr)

So...what is CuriosityStream?

If non-fiction is the hook for your binging desires, then CuriosityStream is a great option to check out. This "Netflix of Non-Fiction" offers award-winning non-fiction content from some of the top experts in space, science, technology, and nature. The catalog of over 2,400 episodes is being updated with new content weekly.

Signing up is relatively easy. Simply decide if 4K is something you must have to have or not. Then determine if you'd like to go ahead and fork over the money for a year's worth of service. If you decide to go for the full year, you'll get about a 42% savings. Check out all the details (opens in new tab) of the annual plan to see if it's right for you. To find more information about the ways to get CuriosityStream onto your screens, check out this link (opens in new tab) and fulfill your...curiosity (sorry I had to go there ☺️).

If you want to give it a shot without dropping the cash, you can always do the 7-day free trial. Just be sure to cancel before those monthly costs kick in.

What are the subscription options available from CuriosityStream?

There are two choices available for you to choose from. Both options offer 2400+ documentary features and series, unlimited viewing across various devices, HD quality or better, plus the 7-day free trial to check out the service. The difference between the tiers comes in the form of price and the availability of 4K.

  • Standard: $2.99/month or $19.99/yearly billed annually
  • Premium: $9.99/month or $69.99/yearly billed annually

To get that gorgeous 4K on the Premium tier, you're going to have to be streaming through their web app, Amazon Fire TV App, or their Roku channel.

CuriosityStream is currently running a promotion through 7/14/2019 that will net you a $10 Amazon gift card for new annual subscribers. Full details regarding the promotion can be found here (opens in new tab) .

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