How to watch The Weather Channel live online

The Weather Channel logo on a TV screen
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There's nothing as universal as the weather, and so it's important to know what it's like around you. The Weather Channel is an easy and convenient one-stop shop for getting weather forecasts.

With a glowing reputation for daily and upcoming weather forecasts, The Weather Channel has grown into a massive media company with live radars, original shows, on-the-ground reporting in major storms and more.

First launching on TV in 1982, The Weather Channel now has ways for cord-cutters to keep up to date with meteorological information, and there are multiple ways to keep abreast of the rain or shine where you are.

In this guide, we'll run you through your options on how to watch The Weather Channel.

How to watch The Weather Channel in the US

The Weather Channel is available through many traditional pay-TV cable providers, but a number of live TV streaming service also carry The Weather Channel as part of their lineup. This includes Fubo, DirecTV Stream, frndly TV, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV.

How to watch The Weather Channel using the app

The Weather Channel TV App

Though there were originally plans for The Weather Channel to launch its own streaming service in 2021, things changed and The Weather Channel Plus did not launch. Though different than what was originally promised, The Weather Channel TV App is what spun off from that first attempt.

The Weather Channel TV App provides 24/7 weather alerts, updates, local forecasts, climate news, on-demand shows, radar, maps and more for a monthly subscription cost of $2.99 or an annual cost of $29.99; a seven-day free trial is available with both subscription plans.

While only available on TVs, not computers or mobile devices, The Weather Channel TV App works with a number of different smart TV models and devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung and Xfinity Flex.

More information is available on

There is also an option for Weather Premium Pro app, which gives fans access to four times more hourly forecasts (up to 192 hours), 15-minute forecast details for seven hours, three times more for future radar (up to 72 hours) and a lightning map that covers 30 miles, and all with no ads. You can sign up for Weather Premium Pro for either $4.99 per month or $30 for an entire year. There's also a seven-day free trial.

How to watch The Weather Channel from anywhere

If you're going to be away from your normal TV setup but still want to watch The Weather Channel, you might run into some problems. Thankfully, you can solve this exact issue with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

A VPN lets you change your IP address to that of the area of what you want to watch, meaning you can tune in to your favorite shows, movies, live events or other content even if you're not there. Our favorite is ExpressVPN, which is the No. 1-rated VPN in the world right now according to our sister site, TechRadar.


ExpressVPN is one of the easiest and affordable ways to watch what you want from anywhere you want to watch it. Plus it'll help keep your network traffic away from any prying eyes on public networks.

It's also a great way to keep up with The Weather Channel, no matter where you are.

Watch The Weather Channel with Chromecast or AirPlay

You can stream a live feed of The Weather Channel's website in a desktop browser and then use Apple's AirPlay or Google's Chromecast to send that tab over to a TV.

One catch though — you need to have a cable login (from anyone other than Comcast) to sign in first. Maybe you tripped and landed on one and lo and behold, it works. Whatever. We're not going to judge too much.

Streaming alternatives to The Weather Channel

Yeah, it's ridiculous that The Weather Channel isn't everywhere, because it really should be. But that doesn't mean there aren't alternatives.

One such option is Local Now. (For which TWC is a weather provider.) It's not as slick as TWC proper, but it does have the same sort of "Locals on the 8s" thing.

Where to get Local Now? Sling TV has it in both its Orange and Blue plans . There's also an app for Amazon Fire TV. And there's also a Local Now channel on Roku , it's available on Fubo, and also available on YouTube TV. And there are apps for Android and for iOS.

Or if you want an even more-affordable option, you can get AccuWeather on Philo for just $20 a month.