Supernatural Season 15: When it airs, how to watch, and everything we know so far

For fifteen years Supernatural has told the story of Sam and Dean Winchester. Brothers who spend their lives driving across america as they hunt demons, angels, and everything in between. This year is their final hunt, as Season 15 will be the big finale to the show and we have the details on when it returns, and what to expect.

What to expect in Season 15

The end of Supernatural season 14 left off with a bang. When Jack lost control of his abilities, and it resulted in the death of Mary Winchester, we saw Chuck aka God return from his vacation. However, he didn't seem to be his usual good-natured self. Instead, he tried to convince Dean that the only way to save the world was to kill Jack. When the hunter refused, God decided this was the end of the Winchester story and started to let hell loose. Literally.

The dead have risen in the graveyard around Sam and Dean, and it seems like every terrible monster they've put in the ground over the years is back with a vengeance. All the way back to the woman in white, their first hunt without Dad. This year they'll be taking on God, and making sure their story ends with their choices and nobody else's, and it's going to be an explosive end to an excellent series.

When does Season 15 start?

Supernatural Season 15 will premiere on The CW on October 10, 2019.

Stream Supernatural Season 15

After more than a decade, the Winchester brothers are staring down their final hunt. Season 15 will be the final hunt for the brothers. If you pay for a cable subscription, then you'll be able to watch Supernatural as it airs on The CW. If you can't watch during airtime then your best bet is to check out The CW app the next day. For folks who have cut the cord, you have a variety of options that will let you watch.

One big caveat here: Just because a service carries The CW doesn't actually mean it'll be available to you. There are regional limitations put on it for some reason. (Lawyers and money, most likely.)

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