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Ex Home & Away star Andrew Morley joins Neighbours

Former Home and Away star Andrew Morley has joined the cast of Neighbours, playing an as-yet unnamed mystery man.

Andrew, who was Spencer Harrington in Home & Away from 2013-2015, said: “I’m very excited about how the character evolves and there are lots of twists and turns before we find out exactly who he is."

Most characters who enter Ramsay Street have some family association or connection to the area, but not Andrew's character. It will be some time before his real name and background is finally revealed.


Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison said: “The writers have had free reign with developing our John Doe because we have had no restraints in terms of his history or a family tree, it's a clean slate... Lets just say his arrival is quite explosive – literally.”

If John Doe turns out to be firefighter, the sporty 26-year-old would be very comfortable doing his own stunts having served as a volunteer with the CFA (Country Fire Authority) for 10 years and has assisted with fires in Victoria over this summer.


“I grew up on a farm outside of Melbourne and the CFA is an integral part of the community so it was very natural to get involved,” said Andrew, who will first appear on Neighbours from April.