Finn’s bid to be top dog ends with him fighting for his life, reveals Neighbours’ Rob Mills

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Finn Kelly is under a lot of pressure – and that causes a blood vessel to burst in his brain. What sort of future does he have now? Neighbours’ Rob Mills revealed all to Soaplife

Neighbours’ ambitious teacher Finn Kelly has been too power-mad for his own good… and now it’s all about to backfire on him! “Finn’s obsessed with making his mark and wanting to be remembered for something spectacular,” Finn actor Rob Mills told Soaplife. “He’s living on borrowed time because of the aneurysm in his brain. The trouble is, he’s gone far too far!” It sounds like he needs teaching a lesson…

Finn goes into hiding… Why? “He’s waiting for the heat to die down over the furore he’s caused at Erinsborough High – and there’s also his relationship with pupil Xanthe Canning [Lily Van der Meer].”

Which is very dodgy! “He’s got far too close to her and shouldn’t have had the intimate conversations he’s had with her. She’s little more than a child.”

He’s just using her, isn’t he? “Absolutely. Finn does care about Xanthe, though, and, in his defence, he’s been an inspiration to her. Xanthe was pretty much seen as a no-hoper before Finn took an interest in her.”

Disaster strikes while he’s in hiding… Can you tell us what happens? “Finn’s brain aneurysm suddenly bursts! It was only a matter of time before that happened. Every time that Finn’s become angry or frustrated over something, the pressure’s built up in his brain and he’s experienced terrible headaches.”

Does he die? “No. He falls into a coma. Xanthe, who’s with him at the time, calls the emergency services and he’s taken to hospital. Finn does regain consciousness, but he’s paralysed. Then it appears that he’s almost suffocated with a pillow! Finn’s on a downward spiral and he’ll do anything to get himself out of the mess he’s in. He becomes a compulsive liar and he turns into something of a psychopath.”

And he leaves Erinsborough, doesn’t he? “He does leave town – but not on his own terms. He’s finished… for now. Hopefully, he’ll be back at some point. Neighbours loves a bad guy. It would be great if he returned as someone who’s learned the error of his ways. Finn’s been very foolish and power crazy, but he’s not an out-and-out bad person.”

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