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Zeke and Sophie return to Ramsay St

Neighbours youngsters Zeke Kinski and Sophie Ramsay are set to return to the soap to mark two special occasions.

Matt Werkmeister, who starred as Susan Kennedy's geeky stepson Zeke from 2005 to 2011, will return to the soap to help mark Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher's 20th year as Susan and Karl Kennedy.

And Kaiya Jones, who left Neighbours last year after four years of playing Kate Ramsay's little sister Sophie, will be back so the two sisters can catch up before Ashleigh Brewer, who plays Kate, leaves the show.

Jackie said: "It seems like yesterday that Matt walked on set as a young boy still at primary school, and suddenly now he's a grown man! We have shared a lot of fun storylines as well as a few tragic ones, the full gamut."

Matt and Kaiya's guest episodes air on the Channel 5 soap from April.