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As Rafael's dark secret is exposed… what's he got against Paul Robinson?

English tourist Rafael (Adam Thomas) exposes his secret past and vendetta against Paul

The mystery surrounding Rafael Humphreys (played by our very own former Corrie star Ryan Thomas) is lifted. Though it's Jack who catches sight of an embarrassed Rafael's scars, it's Mishti who later learns how he got them.

The cop finds him breaking into Paul's development and wants answers. Turns out Rafael's mum worked for Paul in Brazil where his sloppy health and safety procedures caused her death...

Rafael is in Ramsay Street for revenge!

Rafael bares the scars of his dark secret, which emerges this week…

Steph finds out Jack and Paige have slept together and is distraught.

In a jealous rage, Steph smashes a photograph of the duplicitous pair with their on Gabe.

At the Backpackers, the scars of Rafael's past are laid bare.

He's embarrassed when Jack clocks his scars.

Later, Rafael is caught breaking in to the Robinson Heights developement, and Mishti reels when he tells her just what it is that he has on Paul… Watch Neighbours on C5 this week.