Jack catches Paige and Dustin kissing in Neighbours

Paige takes comfort in another man when she thinks her relationship with Jack is doomed in Neighbours

Ever since Jack's memory came back and he remembered his vocation and commitment to God, Paige has been trying her best to make their relationship work in Neighbours.

She's been nothing but patient and understanding, but this week when Jack fails to show for a meeting they have planned she's riddled with doubts and insecurities. Is their relationship ever going to work, or will she always take second place to the Church in Jack's heart?



Jack is filled with jealousy when he walks in to see Paige getting intimate with his mate Dustin.

Earlier on, Paige feels let down when Jack fails to show for their meeting at Off Air. When Jack's mate Dustin turns up, the pair get chatting about Jack's past and his relationship history. It's clear Dustin fancies Paige.

When Dustin tells her Jack's previous relationship ended because of his faith, Paige is convinced there's no hope for her either. So when flirty Dustin makes a move on her, she throws caution to the wind and kisses him!

Little does she realise the reason Jack's failed to show is because he made an emergency dash to the hospital with Jimmy who'd been knocked over by a car... He's stunned to see Paige and his mate Dustin getting intimate!

Before he can even explain where he's been, Jack struggles to contain his anger and jealousy. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope for Paige after all. If Jack is this worked up, surely his feelings for her must be strong? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday, July 11.