All American season 5 fall finale ends with another Spencer breakup

Michael Evans Behling as Jordan and Daniel Ezra as Spencer on the football field in All American
Michael Evans Behling and Daniel Ezra, All American (Image credit: The CW)

So far, All American season 5 has been one with lots of change for Spencer (Daniel Ezra). He and Olivia (Samantha Logan) called it quits, his mom moved away, JJ (Hunter Clowdus) severed his friendship with the group and his head football coach just resigned in the wake of a scandal. Well, staying on trend for Spencer these days, he was hit with one more change in the fall finale. Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) chose to end his football partnership with Spencer. 

The decision came as Olivia's story continued to make rounds in the public domain, leaving the GAU football team in shambles. Spencer and Jordan's teammates are understandably upset by the scandal and half of them decide to quit. In Spencer James fashion, he takes on the task of saving the program from falling into complete shambles, recruiting Jordan to help, which Jordan agrees to do initially. 

However, as the episode continues, Jordan starts fielding offers from other schools wanting him to play quarterback for them, including an offer from Asher (Cody Christian) to play at Coastal. The prospect of playing somewhere without Spencer isn't something that Jordan considers until he realizes he has an opportunity to step out of his bestie's shadow on the field and find a coach that, as he puts it, is his guy. Someone that truly believes in the talent of Jordan without seeing it through a prism of Spencer. 

As Jordan mulls over his decision and gets a supportive nudge from Layla (Greta Onieogou), it becomes clear that he and Spencer's athletic journey may no longer be tied to one another. The young Baker even dodges his friend's request to help him lobby A.D. Barnes (Morris Chestnut) to make their assistant coach their new head coach. 

Things come to a head for Spencer and Jordan at the beach house over a bowl of gumbo. Once the two finish eating, the former takes the latter aside to find out why Jordan seems to be acting weirdly. Jordan is upfront and tells his friend what's been going on and his plans to leave GAU football, which takes Spencer by complete surprise. Spencer is convinced he ca change Jordan's mind before anything becomes final. Unfortunately, Spencer realizes the next day that Jordan's mind is already made up, as he sees Jordan returning his GAU jersey. 

Even though Spencer understands the need of his partner in football to move on, their now differing paths still hurts. The two guys embrace in one of the most beautiful hugs of the season as the episode comes to a close. 

If there's a bright spot for Spencer going forward, it's that his new head coach at GAU may turn out to be his old head high school coach, Billy Baker (Taye Diggs). Billy was offered the job and based on the preview for the new episodes airing in 2023, it looks as if he may take it. 

Fans react to Jordan leaving Spencer and GAU

Well, it doesn't look like fans were terribly heartbroken that Jordan is transferring schools, as they understand his situation. Some wanted to know why Spencer didn't receive any offers from other schools. Take a look. 

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New episodes of All American again start airing in 2023 on The CW. 

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