Casualty stars Amanda Mealing and Cathy Shipton reveal the MASSIVE shocks in store!

Connie Beuchamp (Amanda Mealing) in Casualty
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Revealed! The hottest Summer storylines in Casualty...

Casualty stars Amanda Mealing and Cathy Shipton have revealed their iconic characters, Connie Beauchamp and Lisa "Duffy" Fairhead, are in for a Summer of secrets, lies and colliding ordeals…

“Connie and Duffy are both going through life-changing and debilitating situations. Connie’s is brought on by anxiety, Duffy’s by disease. These strong, much-loved women are both being destroyed in different ways by something beyond their control,” explains Amanda in a chat with TV Times, adding: “Even though they’re supremely qualified in their jobs they’re both doubting themselves and double-checking [their work]. Meanwhile, they’re both challenged by trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson!”

Casualty TV Times cover

Cover stars: Amanda and Cathy reveal more in this week's TV Times, out now!

Elaborating on the storyline that’s set to shock viewers and rip the fabric of the fictional ED, Cathy explained: “Last week Ciaran [Rick Warden] doubted Duffy’s ability and suggested she step down, which she has.

“We’ve created a new role for Duffy in Holby-land where she’s removed from interventional medical care and diagnostic responsibilities. But in terms of working and connecting people, that’s all intact.

“Now Ciaran’s focusing on Connie’s ability to be clinical lead, he needs evidence. [In the near future] the only person who can provide that is Duffy, but she doesn’t know if she can remember…”

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We can disclose that Ciaran increases pressure on Connie over the coming weeks, which leads to a life-changing climax for several Casualty favourites.

Casualty Nurse Jacob Masters…

Jacob Masters looks mournful as he prepares to say goodbye to his mum in Casualty

Jacob Masters prepares to say goodbye to his mum

After months of turmoil, nurse Jacob Masters says an emotional goodbye to his mum Omo (guest star Ellen Thomas). Will Omo tell Jacob (Charles Venn) who his father is before she passes away?

Casualty Registrar Archie Hudson…

Having been stitched up by Connie and blamed for a mistake she didn’t commit, Archie (Genesis Lynea) teams up with Ciaran. How far will they go to expose fragile Connie’s failings?

Casualty Consultant Will Noble…

Will (Jack Nolan) finds his loyalty to Connie is severely tested when Archie begs him to help her bring Connie down!

Casualty Nurse David Hide…

New porter Rosa (Cold Feet star Jacey Salles) makes quite the first impression on David (Jason Durr) later this year. But is it a good first impression?

Casualty Paramedic Iain Dean…

Casualty star Michael Stevenson

Is there more turmoil ahead for Iain?

Recovering from depression and PTSD, Iain (Michael Stevenson) make a new realisation about what he’s been through. Will this tie into Michael’s exit storyline?

Casualty nurses Jade and Marty…

Jade Lovall (Gabriella Leon) is a shoulder to cry on for her colleague Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) when his personal life plays out in the ED!

The full exclusive interview with Amanda Mealing and Cathy Shipton is available in the new edition of TV Times on sale now.

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