10 Years Ago in the Soaps: Week Beginning 11 February

Remind yourself of all the soap drama that was happening in Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks 10 years ago this week!


Amy's birthday saw a distinct thawing of relations between Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow, and the two got passionate and enjoyed more than a slice of cake after the party ended.

Michelle Connor, though, was less than impressed and made her feelings known in front of a packed Rovers.

There was a fire at Roy Cropper's cafe and Lloyd Mullaney was the hero as he helped save Becky Granger.

Jason Grimshaw was stunned to wake up and find sort-of daughter Holly missing.


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Bradley Branning ruined Valentine's Day with work colleague Lydia when he suggested they had a break. The real reason he wanted to call time on their relationship was because he still wanted ex-lover Stacey Slater.

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So he returned to the Square and made a very public and very romantic plea for another chance to an amazed Stacey.

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Elsewhere in the Branning clan, Max was attending marriage counselling sessions with wife Tanya.

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Little did Tanya know that one of the reasons their marriage was hitting the skids was that Max was enjoying illicit romps with Stacey. Oops...

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Meanwhile, little Jay Brown wasn't getting along too well with his grandad, Bert.


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A distraught Jamie Hope showed Jasmine Thomas a blackmail letter he’d received. Little did he know that ever-dodgy Debbie Dingle was behind the scam…

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Val Lambert’s daughter, Sharon, arrived in the village to see her mum. But family relations quickly became strained when a drunk and boisterous Val attended a party at Home Farm and made a pass at Sharon’s boyfriend.

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Meanwhile, a furious Billy Hopwood attacked Jack Sugden, blaming him for his role in the van crash.


Poor Becca Dean endured a tragic demise. Banged up in jail because of her affair with student Justin Burton and his subsequent lies about how she seduced him, she’d made an enemy of prison bully Fran.

Hardened criminal Fran didn’t take kindly to Becca’s smart mouth and she took a knife and stabbed Becca, who was rushed to hospital and died from her wounds.

Nancy Dean, Becca’s sister, was devastated and she made sure liar Justin knew exactly how she felt when she next saw him!