10 Years Ago This Week in the Soaps: September 24

Remind yourself of all the drama that was happening in Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks this week 10 years ago. Doesn't time fly!


Shelley Unwin dropped a bombshell when she told mum Bev that she was pregnant and ex-lover Charlie Stubbs was the dad, after a one-night stand. Bev confided in mate Deirdre Barlow, forgetting Tracy was now involved with Charlie, and Deirdre felt she had to pass the baby news on to her daughter. Tracy lost no time getting into a fight with Shelley. Charlie also threatened Shelley, but she refused to have an abortion.

Elsewhere, Frankie Baldwin decided her relationship with Liam Connor just wasn’t worth the hassle...



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Newly-released from prison, Owen Turner turned up in Albert Square drunk and when scared daughter Libby locked herself in her room, he turned on his mum Liz and knocked her to the floor. When she came round Liz realised Libby was missing. Owen drove Libby into the countryside and in dramatic scenes that followed, Libby was narrowly saved from drowning and Owen ended up back behind bars.

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Elsewhere, Honey felt anxious when a delighted Billy got a call from the hospital to say their baby could come home. And Sean Slater continued to play with Ruby Allen’s affections.

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Chas Dingle and Carl King reunited briefly, but when Carl walked in on the Dingles celebrating with the ransom money from Sadie and Tom King’s kidnapping, he accused her of being involved. Later Carl realised he was wrong, but it was too late.

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Elsewhere, Jo Stiles threw a bucket at Andy Sugden when he called her a slapper, causing a horse to be injured with dire consequences, while Debbie Dingle and Scott Windsor convinced a drunk Jasmine Thomas to play Monopoly with stolen money.

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The Owen family drove out of Chester for good, leaving behind Russ, who accepted Mercedes’ offer to move in with the McQueens. Justin Burton caused a stir at a charity auction, attacking Kris Fisher and getting arrested.