Casualty EXCLUSIVE — Anna Chell reveals BIG family shocks for Jodie

Casualty images of Max collapsed and Stella in hosptial.
Casualty nurse Jodie Whyte is about to learn more about her grandmother and father... (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty is taking a break until later this year, but not before going out with a bang in a dramatic double-bill this week! 

In the first outing Too Much Too Young (Saturday, September 16 at 8.20 pm on BBC One) it's judgement day for Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs). The nurse is up in court for dangerous driving and facing a prison sentence! Faith Cadogan’s (Kirsty Mitchell) life hangs in the balance when she overdoses on illicit drugs, and Jodie Whyte (Anna Chell) is left reeling after a series of shocking revelations about her past, her father and her grandmother. 

Here Anna Chell, who plays Jodie, tells us more about this emotional new chapter for the ED nurse and clinical lead Max Cristie (Nigel Harman)...

Casualty exclusive with spoilers from this point on...

Anna, Jodie gets a seemingly pleasant surprise when her estranged gran, Stella Lawson (played by TV legend Kate Williams), asks to meet. Why is Jodie hesitant to see her at first?

"Previously we’ve seen Jodie treat this rather gobby woman in the ED and soon realising it’s her grandma — Max’s mum! When that happened she was shocked but warmed by the fact she has another family member. But, after trying to make an effort, Jodie was knocked back (like mother, like son!) 

"Eventually Stella came around, but let her brain fall out of her mouth — a bit like Jodie! [In that episode] Stella told Jodie something about Max’s illness and Jodie is still putting the jigsaw pieces together…"

Stella's first meeting with Jodie in Holby ED

Like mother, like son

Jodie Whyte is stunned by her family's secret past.

Jodie Whyte is stunned by her family's secret past. (Image credit: BBC)

Why does she ultimately agree to see Stella behind Max’s back?

"I think Jodie agrees to meet Stella because the fact is she has another family member — and she secretly sees herself a little in Stella! Jodie is also intrigued to understand more about her dad's illness…"

The young nurse currently has no idea that Max has kidney failure and could die without a transplant. Stella is about to rock Jodie’s world. How will this make Jodie feel?

"Yes, Jodie is yet again hit with another bombshell. Will she ever catch a break?! 

"She now has to cope with her dad’s illness and it’s a huge mix of emotions for her. She’s shocked, angry, confused, but with a whole load of love beneath the surface. It’s a lot!"

When Stella arrives at the Hope and Anchor she’s armed with photos and begins ordering tequilas! How was it filming these scenes with Kate?

"Working with Kate was brilliant, I feel very lucky! She’s an acting legend."

During this pivotal meeting, Jodie also learns something about her dad and deceased mum as a young parents. Can you tease what happens there?

"It’s one thing after another! Jodie is piecing together this jigsaw and each bit of information is equally shocking but needed. She finds out that maybe her mum didn’t quite give her a true picture of Max. Maybe he was there a lot more than she thought. Now Jodie wants, and needs, to know about Max and her family…"

What are your hopes for Jodie going forward?

"That Jodie will juggle all this in her own way!"

Coming later this week — exclusives with Jaye Jacobs and Kirsty Mitchell. Check our Casualty page for updates

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