Casualty spoilers: Jan Jenning's turmoil in heartbreaking second double-bill episode

Jan Jenning and her family face an uncertain future.
Jan Jenning and her family face an uncertain future. (Image credit: BBC)

Jan Jenning is firmly in the frame in the second visit to Casualty this week. 

In Switzerland (BBC One, 9.10pm, Saturday 16 September 2023 — See our TV Guide for listings) the Holby paramedic accompanies her ex-husband Gethin West to an assisted dying clinic. As he explores his options, Jan is painfully aware of the implications and outcomes whatever Gethin decides.

In the first episode, Too Much Too Young, (8.20pm) Donna Jackson finds out if she’s going to prison and Faith Cadogan’s life hangs in the balance after a deadly overdose. 

Full Casualty spoilers for Switzerland below…

Jan Jenning’s turmoil

Jan Jenning’s life has been upended since the abrupt arrival of her ex-husband Gethin West back into her life in Casualty episode Pride and Prejudice

When Jan (Di Botcher) clapped eyes on Gethin (Robert Pugh) in April there was no love lost between the estranged exes. And while things are still pretty abrasive between them, a lot has changed since they were reintroduced to each other. 

Jan has words for Gethin in the pub as Teddy looks on.

Jan was pretty much speechless when her path crossed once more with Gethin's... (Image credit: BBC)

The backstory

The couple had been married for twenty years before splitting. They are also the parents of incarcerated drug dealer Ross West.

Shortly after fate (and Casualty's canny writers!) brought them back into each other's lives, Jan discovered that Gethin had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, something he initially asked her to keep secret from her wife Ffion Morgan (Stirling Gallacher). 

It wasn’t long, however, before Ffion learned the truth, as Jan insisted on moving Gethin into their home, which put great strain on the women’s already rocky relationship. 

Ffion is furious after Jan reveals her decision.

Ffion was furious when Jan unilaterally moved Gethin into their home. (Image credit: BBC)

In the meantime, Gethin’s illness advanced and he became adamant that he wanted to end his life on his own terms. Despite her grave misgivings, Jan attempted to assist her ex with his wishes, only for Ffion (a respected Holby police officer!) to discover their plan.

From there the heartbreaking story escalated… Ffion and Jan broke up and Gethin made arrangements to travel to Switzerland, which takes us to this week’s episode..

Gethin says his goodbyes to Jan.

Gethin reveals his plans to Jan. (Image credit: BBC)

The present

After spinning a web of lies to protect their nearest and dearest last week, Jan and Gethin make it to Switzerland, check into a hotel and have a clinic appointment booked.

From the minute they arrive Jan and Gethin’s love and friendship is in evidence, as they comedically bicker, share memories, laugh, cry and talk with heartbreaking honesty.  

Although Jan supports Gethin’s decision, it’s clear she still wants him to change his mind. Gethin, meanwhile, learns more about the process involved in ending his life in this way and must decide whether he wants to die in Switzerland or return home and receive palliative care…

Till death do us part... Jan and Gethin discuss his wishes.

Till death do us part... Jan and Gethin discuss his wishes.  (Image credit: BBC)

Back in Holby

At home, Jan's nephew, Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) now knows where they are and what they’re planning. 

Teddy holds his Aunty Jan in the highest regard and has also become extremely close to Gethin in recent months, so their deceit hits him hard. 

The young paramedic frantically tries to get in touch with them both — but whether or not he does and what Gethin ultimately decides, remains tightly under wraps in this emotional and difficult storyline. 

Upset Teddy can't believe what Jan and Gethin have been secretly planning.

Teddy has many questions... (Image credit: BBC)

Will Gethin go through with his plan? And if he does, has Jan made the right decision accompanying him? 

Casualty double-bill Too Much Too Young and Switzerland air on BBC One on Saturday 16 September 2023 from 8.20pm. Both episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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