Casualty spoilers: Iain Dean comes clean to Faith — but will she confess her BIGGEST secret?

Iain Dean leaves Faith reeling in Casualty episode Deliverance.
Iain Dean leaves Faith reeling in Casualty episode Deliverance. (Image credit: BBC)

Iain Dean reaches a turning point with Faith Cadogan in Casualty episode Deliverance (BBC One, 8.25pm, Saturday 17 June 2023 - See our TV Guide for listings). 

Confronted with the truth will the drug-addicted nurse respond in kind? 

Elsewhere… Jan Jenning risks everything to help Gethin West. Jacob Masters sends a risky selfie to the wrong person — guess who! And will Jodie Whyte press self-destruct when she learns that Max Cristie has done something extremely unprofessional that could ruin her career? 

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Iain Dean’s secret torment

Iain Dean and Faith Cadogan’s relationship is starting to worry us. Not least because we seem to know more about it than they do! 

Viewers are well aware that Faith has a secret drug addiction and that Iain’s been struggling with his mental health. But it looks like the couple are about to reach a significant moment of truth — thanks to Jacob Masters!

This week Jacob accidentally (but fortunately, if you ask us) puts his foot in it when he talks to Faith about the trauma Iain experienced recently, thinking that she already knows. 

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) is stopped in her tracks — she has no idea what Jacob’s talking about, as the couple haven't spoken much lately and Faith's fallen off the wagon…

Faith falters when Jacob reveals Iain’s secret.

Faith falters when Jacob reveals Iain’s secret. (Image credit: BBC)

Concerned, Faith reaches out to Iain (Michael Stevenson), who delivers shocking home truths!

Finally realising what her addiction is doing to the man she loves, will Faith come clean to Iain? 

Casualty exclusive: Michael Stevenson reveals what the future holds for Iain Dean and Faith

Faith’s fishy behaviour catches Cam and Max’s attention

Prior to Iain and Faith’s frank heart-to-heart, Cameron 'Cam' Micklethwaite (Barney Walsh) once again experiences the senior nurse’s hot and cold temperament when he meets her at the hospital pharmacy.

Unknown to Cam, Faith is on edge because she has run out of diazepam and desperately needs a fix. Unfortunately, the pharmacy is closed for restocking and she doesn’t take kindly to Cam’s offer to get her prescription for her… Once again leaving him questioning her behaviour!

Faith realises she's crossed a line...

Faith realises she's crossed a line... (Image credit: BBC)

And Cam’s not the only one who has noticed Faith’s questionable conduct. This week Faith comes into clinical lead Max Cristie’s sights after he asks her to help with an urgent case in resus. A young man is in serious condition following a sports injury, yet struggling Faith can barely get her gloves on. 

Then she uses the first excuse she can to leave the scene, forcing paramedic Teddy Gowan to take over compressions. Max is shocked, and no doubt will be keeping a closer eye on her in future…

Meanwhile, outside the treatment room, Faith ends up snapping at the patient’s terrified girlfriend. With the strain starting to show, is her secret on the verge of discovery on the work front?

Will Max be keeping a closer eye on Faith from now on?

Will Max be keeping a closer eye on Faith from now on?  (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob’s REVEALING shift! 

Jacob (Charles Venn) is having a day of it. First up he unintentionally tells Faith about Iain’s struggles with his mental health. Then he’s caught taking a risky selfie for his new girlfriend Billie Lawrence (Ayesha Antoine) by a highly amused Teddy Gowan, who will NOT be keeping the incident to himself!

But wait, there’s more. Jacob then sends the selfie to… Charlie Fairhead!

Could this be why Derek Thompson is leaving the medical drama after 37 years? 

Teddy (Milo Clarke) doesn't keep Jacob's photo gaff to himself!

Teddy (Milo Clarke) doesn't keep Jacob's photo gaff to himself! (Image credit: BBC)

Smiling Jacob has some apologising to do.

Jacob has some apologising to do... (Image credit: BBC)

Charlie looking stern faced.

Not amused. Will grieving Charlie let it slide, or report Jacob? (Image credit: BBC)

Jan Jenning risks everything

Paramedic Jan Jenning is distraught as she says a tearful goodbye to ex-husband Gethin West, as Casualty’s heartbreaking euthanasia story escalates this week. 

With his Motor Neurone Disease advancing, Gethin (Bob Pugh) has decided to end his life on his own terms. Last week Jan (Di Botcher) reluctantly agreed to help and swiped a deceased patient’s powerful pain medication, which he plans to take at noon. 

At work, clockwatching Jan is on edge and emotional. When she returns home that night, there’s a shock in store… and it involves her police officer wife Ffion Morgan, who knows everything! 

Is Gethin dead and will Ffion report Jan?

Gethin says his goodbyes to Jan.

Gethin says his goodbyes to Jan. (Image credit: BBC)

Tearful Jan begs Gethin to reconsider.

Jan begs Gethin to reconsider. (Image credit: BBC)

Furious Ffion confronts Jan.

Armed with evidence will Ffion arrest Jan? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week

At the ED Dylan Keogh (William Beck) makes a shocking discovery while treating traffic accident patient Dan Marshall (Barry Aird, Coronation Street, Fortitude, Dalgliesh). The 58-year-old driver is involved in a deadly crash while transporting a heart to young transplant patient Sammy. 

Once Dylan makes his dreadful medical detection, Jan — who is heavily invested in helping Sammy and his anxious mum Meg — becomes incandescent. Brimming with emotion she furiously confronts Dan, leaving Dylan with no option but to kick her out!

Dylan Keogh at work talking to someone out of shot.

Dylan is forced to turn bouncer when Jan loses control. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, trouble of a different sort is brewing for Jodie Whyte and Max Cristie… 

As if it wasn’t stressful enough trying to keep their father-daughter relationship a secret, Jodie is about to be drawn into a whole new web of lies by her father…

Remember dog bite patient Freya Hall? Well she’s back in the ED and she isn’t happy! Her wound is infected after Jodie (Anna Chell) failed to follow consultant Stevie Nash’s instructions and discharged Freya without prescribing antibiotics… Something which Max became aware of last week and buried!

Freya is scathing about Jodie.

Scathing Freya holds the key to Max's deception.  (Image credit: BBC)

This week Freya (New Tricks star Susan Jameson) refuses to be treated by Jodie, which catches nurse manager Donna Jackson’s attention. Donna (Jaye Jackson) talks to Stevie (Elinor Lawless) about the case. Yet before it can escalate, Max overhears them and runs interference to protect Jodie.

Jodie, however, has no idea that Max is covering for her, and starts looking through her notes. Realising her mistake she talks to Max, and is stunned when she realises what he’s been up to AND what he asks her to do next. 

It looks like that father and daughter reunion is definitely not happening anytime soon!

Donna investigates Freya's complaints.

Donna investigates Freya's complaints, but is thwarted by a scheming Max. (Image credit: BBC)

Absolutely raging, Jodie decides to go on an impromptu night out with bad boy Ryan Firth (Eddie-Joe Robinson). Yep, the same Ryan who has been spreading rumours about her at work! If you’ve seen the latest Casualty trailer, you already know that one thing leads to another… 

Who’s going to tell Cam? We’re already picturing his wee crushed face when he finds out. Rida Amaan, over to you we think!

Jodie sets her sights on Ryan.

Bad medicine. Jodie sets her sights on Ryan.  (Image credit: BBC)

Rida has something to tell Cam...

Rida we're relying on you!  (Image credit: BBC)

Oh, and we nearly forgot, because it’s such an everyday occurrence now — a kid caught up in a gangland feud points a gun at Jodie in resus in a high octane guest story!

Casualty episode Separation airs on Saturday 17 June 2023 at 8.25pm on BBC One. It will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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