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Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning cast, locations and all you need to know

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Se 2 Ep 2

Carry on caravanning...

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning is on Channel 5 in an extended version of the series that originally went out in 2018.

Back in 2017 Channel 5 packed Lesley Joseph and some other stars off on a trip in a motorhome, so in 2018 they decided to send a load of stars off on a caravan adventure. Now, they’re giving you chance to see more of what they got up to...

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning cast

Singer Sonia, ex EastEnders star Todd Carty, former Coronation Street favourite Sherrie Hewson, DJ Tony Blackburn and former Doctor Colin Baker take part. Another ex Coronation star Brian Capron, famed for playing killer Richard Hillman, joins the trip as well. Expect punctured tyres and satnav dramas as they tow some caravans off to attractive parts of the UK.

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Brian Capron

Former Coronation Street star Brian Capron joined the adventure (Image credit: Channel Five)

Why did ex EastEnders star Todd Cary leave Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning?

Todd decided that life in a caravan wasn’t for him. At the time a Channel 5 spokesperson told “After filming two episodes, Todd decided that caravanning life was not for him so he left his companions to continue their adventure.”

Where do they go?

All over the place, tonight Sonia and Todd are seen trying to track down some great fish and chips in Whitby. And Tony and Colin go on the North Yorkshire Moors Railways. There’s plenty of ups and downs, but Sherrie at the time said there was lots of team spirit.

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Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Se 1 Ep 1

Sherrie and Sonia formed a great bond in the series

Sherrie said: “There was great camaraderie and some stories we told can’t be televised! Sonia became like a daughter, Colin has the same acerbic humour as me, and Tony’s the funniest person I’ve met.

"He’s jolly 24 hours a day and he actually says those Smashie and Nicey-type phrases. One night we all had too much to drink and he sang Y.M.C.A.! He had a lovely bromance with Todd, too. We’re still on WhatsApp daily and we’re going for lunch soon."

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning - Back on the Road is on Channel 5 tonight [Friday August 7th] at 8pm.