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Coronation Street fans totally BAFFLED by THIS character's UNEXPECTED new look

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

The new Aadi Alahan made his debut tonight...

Coronation Street fans took to social media tonight to share their shock at seeing main character Aadi Alahan with a totally new face.

Lots of fans would have known that the role of Dev Alahan's son has been recast after Zennon Ditchett, who has played the schoolboy since 2009, quit the role to focus on his A-Levels.

Aadi Alahan ITV Coronation Street

Fans noticed that Aadi was looking a little different tonight... (Picture: ITV)

Actor Adam Hussain has now taken on the role, and his first scenes aired tonight, leaving some fans totally stunned.

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While it was made clear in the scenes that the new face was Dev's son, it still took some fans a while to realise that he was being played by a completely different actor.

David tears a strip off Dev

The role of Aadi was preciously played by actor Zennon Ditchett (Picture: ITV)

Soap fans are no strangers to their favourite characters being re-cast without much prior warning, and most Coronation Street viewers seemed to take it in their stride tonight when they realised that Aadi was being played by someone new...

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Actor Adam has joined the soap just in time for a huge storyline for the Alahan family.

Viewers will have seen Aadi's twin sister Asha persuaded to strip on FaceTime for on/off boyfriend Corey earlier this week.

But tonight's Coronation Street saw things take a sinister turn for the teenager when Amy Barlow's party got out of hand.

Aadi Alahan ITV Coronation Street

Fans were surprised to see the role of Aadi being played by someone new (Picture: ITV)

After Kelly was wrongly accused of breaking a lamp, she got her revenge by grabbing Corey's phone and sending the video of Asha stripping to a group chat.

But when Asha realises what has happened on Friday, Aadi leaps in to defend his sister next week.

Speaking of his new role, Adam said: "I'm excited to play the role of Aadi, putting my own twist on him.

"I was already good friends with Tanisha Gorey (Asha) before coming to the street, which helps hugely with portraying the bond of brother and sister.

Aadi Alahan ITV Coronation Street

he new Aadi made his first appearance tonight (Picture: ITV)

"Everyone at Coronation Street has been so welcoming, bringing me into their family and treating me as one of their own.

"I have always associated Coronation Street with family and togetherness, which is so important at this time.

Adam Hussain

Adam Hussain has taken over the role as Dev's son (Picture: ITV)

"Having already filmed the start of this story before we had to stop production, I look forward to returning as part of the amazing team who bring entertainment and joy to the screens of viewers actors the nation."

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV.