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Coronation Street spoilers: Asha Alahan is left red faced at Amy’s party!

Coronation Street spoilers: The topless pictures of Asha Alahan are revealed at Amy’s party

The topless pictures of Asha Alahan are revealed at Amy’s party!

In tonight's only episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV listings guide for full details) Asha Alahan, Aadi, Kelly, Corey and Summer gather at No.1 for Amy’s party.

Asha confides in Amy that she flashed her boobs for Corey on facetime. Suddenly the house is swamped by a load of gatecrashers and Amy reckons Kelly’s to blame.

Corey scrolls through the pictures of Asha on his phone, and Amy is furious when he accidentally smashes one of Tracy’s new lamps, assuming that Kelly is to blame. The naked pictures of Asha are sent from Corey’s phone to the ‘party people’ group chat. Who sent them?

Amy Blames Kelly when the party gets out of control

Amy Blames Kelly when the party gets out of control

Jenny excitedly tells Sean that a business man called Scott has expressed an interest in taking the room at the Rovers on a long let. Johnny’s shocked to realise he recognises Scott, their new guest.

Scott is the new guy in town

Who is the new guy in town?

Steve asks Imran for some legal advice concerning access rights but due to Toyah’s connection, Imran gives Steve another solicitor’s card. In a bid to build bridges, Steve invites Nick and Leanne to join him and Tracy at Speed Daal. Over dinner, Steve accidentally drops the business card given to him by Imran.

Ed and Aggie sit down to a romantic dinner at No.3 but find they can’t hear themselves think over the noise coming from Amy’s party.

Also, at Norris’s instigation, Charles challenges Ken to a fencing match, while Evelyn meets up with Arthur in the Rovers.

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