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Coronation Street fans 'crying' with laughter after THIS hilarious blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment last night

Coronation Street fans can't get enough of Abi Franklin and Ray Crosby's hot new romance...

Last night's Coronation Street saw Abi Franklin's new fling with bistro boss Ray Crosby hotting up, and fans were loving their hilarious flirting in last night's (Friday 3rd January) episode. But what they really couldn't get enough of was the moment Sally Metcalfe arrived home and caught the pair together.

Coronation Street fans know that Abi has been harbouring secret feelings for Kevin Webster for weeks and was planning to tell him how she felt on New Year's Eve.

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Abi Franklin move on from Kevin?

Abi told Eileen at New Year that she was planning to make a move on Kevin (Picture: ITV)

But when he overheard her comparing him to a safe and reliable hatchback car while she chatted to Eileen Grimshaw, Kevin took offence and things turned sour.

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What Kevin didn't hear was that afterwards Abi was singing his praises... but by the time he realised his mistake, the moment had passed and Abi had moved on with new bistro boss, Ray.

Has Abi moved on from Kevin

Kevin got the wrong end of the stick as he overheard Abi talking about him (Picture: ITV)

But while Abi thinks she has landed herself a trustworthy - not to mention loaded - new man, little does she know he is bad news and can't be trusted. Just ask Michelle Connor!

However, while Abi should definitely be avoiding slimy Ray like the plague, fans can't get enough of their flirting, and last night's episode saw them all over each other at Sally house while they thought they had the place to themselves.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street

Abi has moved on with slimy Bistro owner, Ray (Picture: ITV)

But as they struggled to keep their hands off one another, Sally returned home, and Ray couldn't get away from Abi fast enough as they found themselves caught out, dropping her on the floor like a hot potato.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street

Sally got home just as thing were hotting up between Abi and Ray, causing Ray to drop Abi in shock (Picture: ITV)

The hilarious moment wasn't wasted on Coronation Street fans and they took to social media to share their joy...

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Sally was surprised to see how fast things were moving between Abi and her new man and hinted that perhaps they should slow things down.

But Abi was adamant that she had finally found herself a good man and was planning to hold on to him for as long as possible.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street

Ray dropped Abi in a hilarious scene, leaving fans crying with laughter (Picture: ITV)

But how long will it take for Abi to realise that Ray isn't quite the man she thinks he is?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.