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Horror as THIS Coronation Street legend is held at gunpoint next week

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street's Eileen finds her life in danger next week...

Coronation Street favourite Eileen Grimshaw would be forgiven for thinking that the drama in her life died a death with Pat Phelan... however next week's storylines see her in danger once again when Todd's nemesis arrives on the cobbles.

It has been revealed that Todd's comeback sees a new twist when his enemy, Mick, appears at Eileen's house, only for Todd to go into hiding.

Coronation Street new Todd Grimshaw with Billie and Eileen

Will Eileen regret letting Todd back into her life? (Picture: ITV)

However, it doesn't take long for Mick to realise that Todd is hiding upstairs, and soon things spiral out of control in scenes set to air on Wednesday 14th October - see our TV Guide for full listings.

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Having confessed to Eileen that he and Todd were lovers before Todd stole cash from him, Mick then takes the family hostage at gunpoint as he demands his money back.

Sue Cleaver, who plays the terrified mum, spoke to the press about her latest storyline...

Coronation Street spoilers: Todd Grimshaw is back… and he’s in big trouble

Todd's back, but he's in big trouble... (Picture: ITV)

"There's no time to think about it. Eileen just finds herself in it, with a gun being pointed at her.

"It's like her whole life is just in this bizarre world again.

"But she is determined that she can make it right and she thinks she can get through to this villain.

"She's really certain that she can make everything okay.

Coronation Street spoilers: Todd Grimshaw is back… and he’s in big trouble

Todd has brought a whole world of trouble to Eileen's door since his return (Picture: ITV)

"Todd is saying to her: 'You're not going to make it okay, keep your nose out of it.'

"But Eileen being Eileen, of course she's not going to keep out of it. Of course they're all going to feel the wrath of Eileen!"

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV - see our TV Guide for full listings.