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Coronation Street star Mikey North: 'There is a GRAVE… it’s obviously for Gary!'

Gary Windass and Rick fight to the death in Coronation Street

Gary must fight for his life

Coronation Street star Mikey North has spoken about how Gary Windass could be lured to a brutal death by evil Rick Neelan.

Next week in Corrie Bethany (Lucy Fallon) spies the loan shark on the cobbles, trying to find Gary and Sarah.

When Bethany tells Gary she's seen Rick lurking about, the ex solider panics and his alarm doubles when he can’t find Sarah (Tina O’Brien) at the hotel she’s meant to be at. Apparently, Sarah has been seen heading off with a dark-haired chap… who’s actually Adam, not Rick!

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass finally comes clean to Sarah

Gary has already come close to death once at the hands of Rick, can he be lucky again in Coronation Street next week?

Dodgy Rick, who’s already tried to bump Gary off once before, then expertly lays a trap for the troubled builder.

“Ricky is very clever,” says Mikey. “Gary is led to believe that Sarah has been seen leaving with Rick. This gives Rick the chance to pretend he has her, and he tells Gary to meet him in the woodland if he ever wants to see her again."

A frightened Gary quickly realises that he’s fallen for Rick’s cunning ploy....

“There is a grave there that has been pre-dug, obviously for Gary and perhaps for Sarah, too.”

Mikey continues that Gary - who caused the roof collapse that caused Rana’s death - could be doomed.

“It’s inevitable that things would go too far one day. Being up against Rick, things don’t look too promising.”

But, as Rick tries to overpower Gary, he fights back. Could Gary save himself after all and stick Rick in the grave instead? Or is this the end for Gary?

Meanwhile, tonight’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) admit to Robert that she still loves him and wants to try again.

Coronation Street continues on ITV tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.