Cult classic bad movie The Room remake to star Bob Odenkirk

Better Call Saul Bob Odenkirk
Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul (Image credit: AMC)

Bob Odenkirk has his next acting challenge — trying to nail Tommy Wiseau's mannerisms and cadence of classic lines like, "Oh, hi Mark." That's right, the Emmy-nominated Better Call Saul actor is set to start in a remake of The Room, the bad movie that has become a cult classic, all in the name of charity.

Slash Film was the first to report the news, which was then confirmed by Odenkirk on Twitter. 

The Room remake is feature-length and benefits the charity amfAR, The Foundation for Aids Research, with the organization Acting for a Cause also participating. It was reportedly filmed entirely on a green screen and is expected to come out sometime in spring 2023, per an Instagram post, though an exact date or format (online or in theaters) is unknown. 

It was also shared that the remake features Bella Heathcote (Pieces of Her, The Man in the High Castle) playing the role of Lisa and Cameron Kasky is believed to be playing Denny.

The Room came out in 2003, written, directed and starring Tommy Wiseau. Since its release, it has widely been referred to as the worst movie ever made, while at the same time amassing a passionate fan base because of its many absurd qualities, from Wiseau's performance to the fake-looking sets to the plot's wild left turns. Part of its popularity has been special midnight screenings that have taken place in theaters across the US, and still are being held in some locations.

The movie also inspired the book The Disaster Artist written by Greg Sestero, who starred as Mark in The Room, and Tom Bissell about Sestero’s friendship with Wiseau and the making of the movie. The book was then adapted into the 2017 movie The Disaster Artist starring James Franco.

In case you need some additional background, here is the synopsis of The Room from IMDb:

"Johnny is a successful bank executive who lives quietly in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancee, Lisa. One day, setting aside any scruples, Lisa seduces Johnny's best friend, Mark. From there, nothing will be the same again."

Many fans are stoked to hear about Odenkirk's involvement in the project, tweeting their excitement for the movie and one, with tongue firmly in cheek, saying, "Cinema is saved. Thanks, Bob."

This looks to be the second high-profile project that Bob Odenkirk is going to have in spring 2023, as he is also in Lucky Hank, premiering March 19 on AMC.

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