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DEATH in Emmerdale as KILLER Pierce targets his next victim?


Pierce has already got Graham Foster's blood on his hands. But who is next?

It looks like Graham Foster won't be Pierce Harris's only victim after next week's Emmerdale kicks off a new hostage drama that sees Vanessa, Rhona and Kim all caught in the killer's trap.

But who is next on his hit list?

Next week sees Rhona Goskirk realise best friend Vanessa is being held hostage by her evil ex Pierce after receiving a video call.

Emmerdale Pierce Vanessa

Pierce has been holding Vanessa hostage for weeks (Picture: ITV)

The village vet is terrified when she sees Vanessa's desperate face on her phone screen, but she is soon rooted to the spot in fear when Pierce appears on the screen and demands she comes to Mulberry if she wants to save her best friend.

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Of course, Rhona will do anything to save Vanessa, and she does as Pierce asks and heads to Laurel's house.

But once there she is forced to hand over her phone to Pierce, and the realisation that he is planning to take her away from the village suddenly dawns on her.

Desperate to stay in Emmerdale, Rhona stalls for time and suggests they catch up by having dinner before they leave.

Rhona confronts Pierce in Emmerdale

Rhona meets Pierce in a bid to save Vanessa's life, but will it work? (Picture: ITV)

Luckily her plan works and it looks like she might just be getting through to Pierce when there is a thump upstairs and Pierce goes to investigate.

But as soon as he is gone, Kim Tate suddenly appears, having just worked out that her solicitor Ollie is actually Pierce in disguise, and she has come to get some answers from Rhona.

However, before Rhona can warn Kim that she has just walked into a living nightmare, Pierce appears behind Kim and bashes her over the head with a huge candle stick.

Pierce strikes Kim in Emmerdale

Is Kim about to become Pierce's next victim? (Picture: ITV)

Kim is knocked out cold and all Rhona can do is stand back and watch as her ex husband drags Kim's lifeless body out of the room.

But what does Pierce have planned next for Rhona?

And is Kim dead? Has the lady of Home Farm just become Pierce's next victim just weeks after he killed her husband in cold blood?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.