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Does HBO Max have a free trial?


Source: CordCutters (Image credit: CordCutters)

Best answer: Yes — HBO Max is available with a free seven-day trial. After that it'll cost you $14.99 a month.

  • The service: HBO Max ($14.99 a month)

Give HBO Max a try before you buy

Not a lot of explanation needed here. HBO Max currently comes with a free seven-day trial for new subscribers. So you can take things out for a test drive before you commit to an entire month of service, which costs just $14.99. You can cancel any time during the first week and not be charged.

That's pretty standard for a streaming service, though some have gotten rid of their free trials in recent years. So absolutely take advantage of this while it lasts.

But let's back up a second. What is HBO Max, exactly? It's all the legacy HBO content you know. The Larry Sanders Show . Game of Thrones . Veep . All the series and specials and movies and shows that you've watched for decades. But as the name implies, HBO Max means you get a lot more.

HBO and HBO Max are owned by WarnerMedia. And WarnerMedia owns a number of other content creators, including Warner Bros., and the old Turner properties, which include TBS, TNT, and truTV, among others. Plus you'll get select films from Turner Classic Movies, and the full D.C. Universe of shows. Or if anime is your thing, check out Studio Ghibli — there really is nothing else like it.

And it's the only place to watch Friends , and all of the Harry Potter movies .

That's a ton of content from all kinds of genres — and we haven't even mentioned the new HBO Max original shows yet — that you'll get to try out for free for one week.

So there really is nothing to lose here.