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EastEnders fans in bits over 'vulnerable' Ben's deep love for Callum as he tries to save him

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC / Nicky Johnston)

Viewers are obsessed with the #Ballum romance and gutted they won't be together on Valentine's Day

EastEnders fans were left swooning over Ben Mitchell's love for boyfriend Callum Highway, who is currently being held hostage by a revengeful Keanu.

Having found out that Phil Mitchell's son had attempted to have him killed, an enraged Keanu kidnapped and tortured his partner Callum, leaving fans of the cute couple distraught.

Ben was also left in distress after Keanu sent him a photo of his beau looking bloodied and bruised from being tortured.

In last night's episode, Ben was seen coming face to face with Keanu, who gave him the chilling reminder that trying to take him on would be a bad idea, as he's the only one who knows where Callum is.

Callum and Ben in EastEnders

Fans of Ballum are obsessed with their close bond (BBC)

Keanu, who is blackmailing Ben for money so he can run away with Sharon Mitchell and their unborn baby, continued to taunt him, hinting that Callum might not make it out alive.

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Pleading with Keanu, Ben begged, "I just want him home," before adding, "Please don't hurt him anymore."

Over on social media, viewers were busy gushing over Ben and Callum's special bond and getting emotional over Ben's heartache.

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"The way he pleaded with Keanu not to hurt him. He can’t see him like that again. #ballum," one wrote on Twitter. 

"Ben Mitchell was will to sacrifice his freedom and go to prison for a very long time to bring Callum home safely so don't anyone dare tell me that Ben isn't stupidly madly deeply in love with Callum" wrote another passionate Ballum fan. 

"I wasnt expecting ben to be so raw and vulnerable and emotional in front of keanu. Ben really loves callum #ballum,' chipped in a third. 

Another wrote: "I can’t watch both Ben and Callum hurting tonight knowing it’s Valentine’s Day an they can’t spend it together #ballum #EastEnders,"

But can Ben get to Callum before it's too late? Or will Keanu exact a brutal revenge on Ben?

EastEnders continues on BBC1.