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Eagled-eyed EastEnders fans spot THIS clue that hints at KNIFE DRAMA for Chantelle and Gray

(Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers are convinced there is more trouble to come between Chantelle and Gray Atkins...

Eagle-eyed EastEnders viewers are convinced they have spotted a clue that hints there could be a knife involved in the drama between Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Kate Plummer) and her abusive husband Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith).

Nasty lawyer Gray has been emotionally and physically abusing his wife and last week viewers were left shocked after he brutally attacked her in their family home.

EastEnders Gray is angry with Chantelle in Eastenders

Gray has been abusing Chantelle for years (Picture: BBC)

The trouble came after shamed lawyer Gray thought that Chantelle had told her family about losing his job... when in reality her dad, Mitch, had worked out the truth for himself.

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But the truth didn't hit Gray until after her brutally beat up his wife and went to the pub, leaving her struggling to recover from his attack on the kitchen floor.

But while Gray was being hailed a hero in the Queen Vic for looking after Whitney's case for murder, EastEnders fans were distracted by a prop in the background of the scene, convinced that it gave away what will happen next.

Gray Atkins quizzes Chantelle Atkins about Jags Panesar in EastEnders

Gray has already broken his wife's arm during an argument (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: Kieron McCarron)

Fans took to social media to contemplate how the plot may continue, with convinced that Chantelle could be planning revenge on Gray.

Others noticed a knife was missing in the background of the dramatic scene. But did Gray stab Chantelle?


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With Gray working around the clock to try and get Whitney out of prison, while Chantelle goes and starts a new job in a call centre to help make ends meet, it doesn't look like things are going to get any easier for the couple any time soon.

But who will be the first to notice Chantelle's bruises? With Gray's beatings getting worse, surely it is only a matter of time before someone works out what is going on behind the closed doors of number 1 Albert Square?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.