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EastEnders fans can't get enough of THIS 'adorable' pair after tonight's hour-long episode

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Fans can't get enough of Ben and Lexi's father/daughter bond...

Tonight's EastEnders saw the bond between Ben Mitchell and his daughter Lexi look stronger than ever and fans are enjoying seeing Ben's softer side for once...

There was action-packed drama in tonight's hour-long EastEnders but, amongst the chaos, fans were thrilled to see more of the relationship between Lexi and Ben.

Ben and Lexi EastEnders BBC

Ben might be struggling with his hearing loss, but Lexi is by his side (Picture: BBC)

With Ben still struggling to cope with his hearing loss, he looked more lost than ever in today's episode.

But while everyone else fusses around him, it seems Lexi understands what her dad is going through more than anyone else.

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Not only has she been using sign language to communicate with her dad, but she has also been teaching him some all important phrases... like "I'm hungry"!

But when Ben failed too understand what an angry car lot customer was yelling at him today, Lexi stood up for her dad and tried to make the stranger realise that Ben couldn't hear.

Ben and Lexi EastEnders BBC

Lexi was hit by a car after Ben didn't realise the danger she was in thanks to his loss of hearing (Picture: BBC)

However, her heroic act nearly ended in disaster when the man reversed his car into Lexi, not realising that she was standing behind the vehicle.

Lexi walked away from the accident with just bumps and scrapes, but poor Ben felt awful for not being able to protect his daughter because he couldn't hear the accident happening.

Ben and Lexi EastEnders BBC

Ben was left horrified that his hearing loss left Lexi in danger (Picture: BBC)

However, Lexi was soon the one looking after her dad again despite her ordeal by putting the subtitles on the television as the family settled down to watch a film.

The bond between Lexi and Ben didn't go unnoticed by fans and they soon took to social media to share how much they love the father/daughter pair...

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But while Lexi stole the show in tonight's hour-long episode, her mum Lola was going through her own nightmare.

Ben and Lexi EastEnders BBC

Lexi put the subtitles on for her dad, and fans' hearts melted (Picture: BBC)

Earlier this week Lola discovered she is pregnant and broke the news to boyfriend Jay.

But while he was thrilled by the news, Lola admitted tonight that she wasn't ready to welcome another baby into the world... leaving Jay disappointed.

Will he manage to convince Lola to keep their baby?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.