EastEnders fans blast 'silly' Denise after sinister blackmail threat

Denise Fox has a warning for Ravi in EastEnders
Denise Fox's warning to Ravi Gulati backfired in EastEnders. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slammed 'silly' Denise Fox (Diane Parish) after she foolishly told her lover Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) that he was being investigated by her husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), which resulted in Denise being blackmailed by Ravi over their affair.

Recently in EastEnders, Trainee Detective Constable Callum Highway (Tony Clay) discovered Denise and Ravi's secret affair when he was tasked to look over some CCTV footage of Ravi.

Ravi is being investigated by Jack, who is clueless about the fact that he is having an affair with his wife Denise.

During last night's episode (Thursday, March 9), Callum was clearly troubled by the discovery and was torn over whether to tell Jack.

Instead, he showed up at Denise's salon and hinted that he knew all about her affair with Ravi after he saw them meeting at the same hotel on CCTV.

Callum Highway tells Denise Fox some news at the salon

Callum Highway revealed that he knew all about Denise's affair with Ravi. (Image credit: BBC)

A panicked Denise ran after Callum and reassured him that nothing had gone on between her and Ravi.

Callum warned her to stay away from him and threatened to tell Jack if he saw her meeting Ravi again.

Denise then turned up to Walford East to talk to Ravi and ordered him to stay away from her, before making the dangerous decision to tell him that he was being investigated.

"You need to keep your distance. No more chats. No more sleazy banter. You're being watched. There's CCTV of us going into that hotel. It's part of an ongoing investigation," she said.

A now nervous Ravi agreed to stay away from Denise, but he didn't keep his distance for long as he intercepted her pizza delivery by pretending to be her husband to the delivery driver.

Ravi Gulati blackmails Denise Fox

Ravi blackmailed Denise into becoming his informer. (Image credit: BBC)

Denise was stunned to see Ravi standing at her door with the pizza in-hand and vehemently demanded for him to leave her alone.

However, he soon revealed his sinister ulterior motive and blackmailed Denise to become his informer or he would expose their affair to Jack.

"The thing I've realised about you, Denise... that you really do care about your marriage. I wish you didn't, we could have had a bit of fun, but you do. So I'm going to need that information or Jack's going to find out about our little secret," he threatened.

Fans couldn't understand the reason behind Denise's 'silly' decision to tell Ravi about the investigation and criticised her for getting herself into a mess...

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