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EastEnders fans BAFFLED as they spot something strange in last night's episode

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Blink and you'll miss it...

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans were left confused last night after they spotted something rather strange in the episode.

Earlier this year, Sharon Watt's teenage son Denny tragically lost his life in a terrifying boat accident on the Thames.

As the residents of Albert Square gathered on the vessel for a party, feisty teen Denny began having a row with long-time Walford face, Ian Beale, below deck.

As iconic character Ian lost his temper with drunken Denny, he locked him in a room to sober up, sealing his fate.

EastEnders Denny Ian boat

Denny drowned in February's tragic boat crash (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/Amy Sharp)

When the boat started filling with water, Denny was trapped with no escape and drowned to death

Despite trying to save Denny, the teenager's death has left Ian riddled with guilt and mum Sharon grief stricken.

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With months having passed since Denny's demise, fans of the BBC One soap noticed a memorial to him on the fence of the Square.

Denny memorial EastEnders BBC

The picture on Denny's memorial has got fans talking (Picture: BBC)

Beside a West Ham United flag was a photo of Denny, but viewers couldn't help but notice the boy in the snap looked totally different to Sharon's son, who was most recently played by actor Bleu Landau.

Lots of members of the audience took to social media to point out the bizarre image, realising that the person in the picture was actually a former actor who played the character before Bleu...

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Another fan joked: "Why is there a photo of Janice Battersby on Denny’s memorial? "

But while fans are pondering the memorial photo, Ian was still being targeted by Dotty after he thought he had the upper hand for five minutes.

Having smashed the phone with the incriminating voicemail on it, Ian thought his days of being blackmailed by Dotty were over.

Little did he know she was going to use Bobby as a way to wind him up.

Dotty EastEnders

Dotty has been blackmailing Ian for weeks (Picture: BBC)

Realising that Ian's youngest son had a crush on her, Dotty got herself an invite over to the Beales' house for dinner where she twisted the knife on Ian.

But how much longer will she manage to terrorise him over his dark secret?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.