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EastEnders fans FRUSTRATED as THIS scene tonight leaves them all asking the SAME question

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Tonight's EastEnders has got fans all asking the same question...

Tonight's EastEnders saw Leo King continue to spy on an unsuspecting Whitney Dean from his hiding place in the loft, but fans are all asking why she hasn't noticed the huge gaping hole in her ceiling...

EastEnders viewers have been left sickened by Leo's obsessive nature over the last few months, but when he was recently seen hiding in Whitney's loft things really took a sinister turn.

Leo King hides in the attic in EastEnders

Leo has been spying on Whitney Dean from the attic for over a week (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

But while Leo has been up there for more than a week now, Whitney is still none thew wiser that he has been watching her every move and earlier in the week he even came down from his hiding place, ready to kill her with a kitchen knife as she slept.

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However, today sees things take yet another sinister turn when Whitney came up to her bedroom only to spot wood shavings on her bed.

Whitney and Leo in BBC

Whitney spotted wood shavings on her bed today from Leo's spy hole (Picture: BBC)

She quickly investigated further, looking up at the ceiling where the wood dust clearly came from, but she still failed to notice the gaping hole in her ceiling, despite the fact she looked directly at it.

Whitney and Leo in EastEnders BBC

Whitney looked directly at the hole, but still didn't notice Leo peering through (Picture: BBC)

But as time ticks on, fans are getting frustrated...

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But that wasn't the only drama for Whitney tonight.

Apart from the close call where she almost discovered Leo's hiding place, there was also trouble when Whiney headed over to make amends with Kat, only for Leo to use the fact the house is empty to his advantage.

After hearing about the letter from Tony that Whitney has kept all this time, Leo was desperate to get his hands on it, and crept down from his hiding place to ransack Dot's house while no one was in.

Whitney and Leo in EastEnders BBC

Whitney had more than one chance to see the hole in her ceiling today, and fans are getting frustrated (Picture: BBC)

But when Whitney got home to find the place had been trashed, she immediately called the police - only for them to still not find Leo lurking in the house.

Tomorrow night sees the storyline come to a head when Leo and Whitney come face-to-face at last... and one them will be left with blood on their hands after a final showdown. But who?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.