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EastEnders fans 'heartbroken' after this TRAGIC moment in tonight's episode

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Forget the drama going down between Ben and Keanu, everyone is talking about Jean and Daniel...

Tonight's EastEnders was packed full of drama, but there was one moment in particular that has got everyone talking and that's the bittersweet Valentine's moment between Jean Slater and her dying boyfriend Daniel Cook.

EastEnders fans saw the pair reunited at Christmas after Jean discovered Daniel had faked his own death to spare her the heartache of falling in love with him.

Jean and Daniel take a ride on his motorbike

Daniel and Jean have been making the most of their short time together (Picture: BBC)

But his plan didn't work because they were soon head over heels for one another, only to find Daniel didn't have long left and now the pair are preparing for his imminent death.

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However Jean and Daniel certainly haven't wasted a second together, and have packed more fun and laughter into their short few months as a couple than most people do in years together.

Not only have they ticked off numerous things from Daniel's bucket list, but they have also supported each other through gruelling chemo sessions and long hospital appointments, cementing their relationship together.

Daniel and Jean have been through hell together but always manage to see the bright side of life (Picture: BBC)

Daniel and Jean have been through hell together but always manage to see the bright side of life (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

However today's EastEnders saw dying Daniel get annoyed with Jean fussing around him.

She just wanted to make sure that he was comfortable and happy, while he wanted to watch his film and forget about the fact he was so ill.

After Jean popped out for the bit, Mo made her feelings very clear, telling Daniel that he was lucky to have Jean and that most men would love the attention and fuss he has been getting.

Daniel and Jean in EastEnders BBC

Daniel makes huge romantic gesture for Jean to show how much he loves her (Picture: BBC)

This gave Daniel food for thought and when a downhearted Jean got home later, she was shocked to find the whole living room decked out with Valentine's decorations - mainly ones that Mo had been trying to sell around the Square for the last few days.

Jean was thrilled as Daniel declared his love for her, announcing that there was no one else he would rather be with when he dies... and soon the pair were back to their usual light-hearted selves, joking about the fact Daniel was wearing the frilly knickers that Mo had been trying to flog.

Jean Slater and Daniel Cook in EastEnders

The pair are full of smiles despite their tragic circumstances (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

But Fans were devastated that this amazing couple are about to find their time cut short when Daniel loses his battle with cancer in the coming weeks...

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After getting confirmation from the doctor that his end is near, just how much time have the pair got together?

Daniel and Jean in EastEnders BBC

However long they have left, Daniel and Jean will definitely go down in EastEnders history as the happiest couple in Walford, despite their tragic circumstances.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.