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EastEnders fans horrified by Billy's SICK taunts at Jay in tonight's episode

Billy argues with Jay in EastEnders
Billy argues with Jay in EastEnders

EastEnders fans think Billy Mitchell has gone too far...

EastEnders' Billy Mitchell has found himself in trouble with soap fans tonight after he lashed out at Jay over his relationship with Honey.

After growing closer in lockdown last year, Honey and Jay have discovered they've got feelings for one another, something that hasn't gone down well with their family.

Billy argues with Jay in EastEnders

Billy hasn't taken the news that Jay and Honey are a couple well (Picture: BBC)

Lola is far from happy about the situation, but it is Billy who has taken the news the worst.

When Jay and Honey admitted they were a couple in last night's EastEnders, Billy struggled to digest the news.

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But tonight's EastEnders saw him on a downward spiral, drinking in the daytime and generally playing the victim, despite the fact he and Honey were over years ago.

Billy argues with Jay in EastEnders

Lola watched on as Billy launched into a verbal attack on Jay (Picture: BBC)

However, as an argument between Jay and Billy broke out in the middle of the market, it wasn't the fact Billy let his fists do the talking that got fans complaining.

Billy goes too far

Viewers were left sickened after Billy pointed out that Jay had been in relationships with his granddaughter and now his wife (although technically Honey is Billy's ex wife), and commented that his daughter, Janet, would be next.

Billy argues with Jay in EastEnders

Jay's bloody nose wasn't what got fans talking... (Picture: BBC)

Obviously, Janet is only 14 years old, but Billy pointed out that Jay had form when it came to dating underage girls, reminding everyone of the fact Jay unwittingly had a relationship with a 14-year-old Linzi Bragg back in 2016.

But fans are fuming with Billy for dragging up Jay's past, and took to social media to share their horror...

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Billy behaving badly 

Billy's behaviour sadly doesn't stop there, because next week he is set to try and turn Janet and Will against their mum by breaking the news about Honey's new relationship to them.

By the end of next week, he's determined to get a job to prove that Jay isn't the only man in the house who can provide for the kids after Jay treats Janet and Will to new trainers.

Billy argues with Jay in EastEnders

Home heard Billy's vile attack on Jay in tonight's episode (Picture: BBC)

But when his trial shift at the call centre doesn't work out, Billy asks Vinny about dealing drugs.

Is he about to get himself into a whole world of trouble?

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