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EastEnders fans in meltdown after THIS character gets a hilarious make over

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Shirley was trying out a new look last night...

EastEnders fans watched Shirley Carter try out a new look last night, and they couldn't get enough of the hilarious scenes.

Monday night's episode was packed full of drama as Vinny's party got out of hand, leading to an innocent Keegan getting arrested when police wrongly accused him of throwing a brick though the window of a police car.

Shirley EastEnders BBC

Shirley usually has short, cropped hair (Picture: BBC)

There was also trouble for Whitney when Leo's mum, Michaela, arrived in Walford with a vendetta against her, while Kush also had his hands full trying to look after Kat's kids while she is away.

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But despite the huge storylines going on, it was Shirley's hilarious new look that really got fans talking.

Jean made the huge decision to ditch her wig last night after her own hair had grown back enough after chemotherapy for her to not need it any more.

Shirley EastEnders BBC

Fans couldn't get enough for Shirley in her long wig (Picture: BBC)

To mark the milestone, Mo suggested they threw a joke funeral for her wig, now it wasn't needed any more, and Jean thought it was a brilliant idea and asked best friend Shirley over to help celebrate.

As the trio got drunk on vodka, they all wore wigs for the party, determined to give Jean's wig a good send off.

Shirley EastEnders BBC

Jean, Shirley and Mo all sorted wigs for their 'wig funeral' (Picture: BBC)

But it was Shirley's long, blonde, wig that got fans talking...

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Hilariously, some fans even thought that Shirley looked like rival Sharon Watts in her long wig.

We're not sure what Sharon would think of the comparison, but we can definitely see the likeness!

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