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EastEnders fans predict new ‘who’s the daddy’ plot after last night’s drama

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EastEnders fans think we've got another 'who's the daddy' storyline heading our way - but which Walford family will be caught up in the drama this time?

It's only been a matter of weeks since the truth about Alfie being baby Cherry's dad was revealed to the rest of the Slaters, but EastEnders fans think a similar storyline is heading for the Brannings.

Last night's trip to Walford saw Rainie begging Max to let her look after little Abi while he went off to work.

After a lot of persuasion, he finally relented and left Abi with Rainie, also leaving his wife with the job of sorting out his granddaughter's first birthday party.

Rainie collapses in EastEnders

Could Rainie be pregnant?

But despite Rainie being in perfect step mum mode, she managed to drop the birthday cake Max had ordered after suffering a dizzy spell while carrying it from the car.

She then later tried to right her wrongs by baking a new cake, but this time she collapsed half way through making it, passing out on the kitchen floor while little Abi was in her pushchair in the front room.

Max came home to find Abi crying and Rainie still out cold in the kitchen, leaving fans convinced that she is pregnant and not ill...

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But viewers have also taken the theory that Rainie might be having a baby one step further by guessing that a new 'who's the daddy' storyline is in the pipeline with Rainie unsure of whether Max is the dad or Jack...

One fan wrote: "Guaranteed Rainie is pregnant and it's gonna be a who's the daddy, Max or Jack. #EastEnders"

While another agreed: "Oh dear, this wreaks of pregnancy. Even though the driving motivation behind Rainie wanting Abi for her own is because she is infertile. Then watch this lead to a 'who's the daddy' with Max and Jack..."

And a third tweeted: "@bbceastenders Rainie's so pregnant by Jack!"

Fans will know that Rainie had a one-night stand with her husband's brother a few months back when her and Max were going through yet another rocky patch.

Rainie invites Jack for a drink with her and Max

Rainie and Jack had a one-night stand last year

Jack was also going through a tough time with his then-girlfriend Mel... leaving the pair to find comfort in each other's arms.

Is their moment of madness be about to come back and haunt them in a seriously big way if Rainie is pregnant?

We can't wait to find out!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.