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EastEnders fans predict THIS legendary character will return to Walford with a Christmas MIRACLE

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EastEnders fans have called for a familiar face to return after Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway's heartbreaking split last night...

Last night's EastEnders saw Callum Highway's world shattered when Ben Mitchell brutally ended their relationship just days before Christmas.

But while EastEnders fans know Ben is trying to protect Callum from the drama that is about to unfold at the Mitchells' as Phil's vendetta against Sharon continues, Callum has no idea that Ben was acting out of love as he ended things.

Ben and Callum break up in EastEnders

Ben and Callum hit the rocks earlier this week when Callum realised Ben had been lying to him (Picture: BBC)

'Ballum' have been the most loved couple in Walford ever since they got together earlier this year, and their army of fans have been left heartbroken at the devastating turn of events that unfolded in last night's EastEnders.

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But they have got a plan and are calling for the lovely Pam Coker to return to the Square and put things right for the couple...

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Eastenders fans will know that Pam is the grandmother of Ben's late boyfriend Paul Coker, the only other man he has loved apart from Callum.

Pam recently thrilled fans by returning to Walford for a brief visit, giving Ben and Callum's relationship her blessing.

But will she return now that the pair have hit the rocks and make Ben see that Callum wants to be part of his life - the good, and the bad?

Pam and Ben have an emotional heart-to-heart in EastEnders

Pam and Ben had an emotional heart-to-heart last time she was in Walford (Picture: BBC)

Last night's EastEnders saw Callum quiz Ben about the blood on his shirt, realising that it was Jack Branning's.

But while Ben admitted that things had got a bit out of hand at the Arches, he was truthful when he said it was Phil's doing and that he was only trying to help Jack.

Ben and Callum break up in EastEnders

Callum confronted Ben about the blood on his shirt last night (Picture: BBC)

However, when Callum pressed his boyfriend for details, Ben clammed up, telling Callum that there are things going on that he is better off not knowing about.

But Callum was adamant he wanted to be part of Ben's life, no matter how ugly things were getting... and he even put his heart on the line, telling Ben that he loved him.

Ben and Callum break up in EastEnders

Callum opened up to Ben and told him he loved him (Picture: BBC)

However, Ben failed to say it back, even though it was clear he desperately wanted to - knowing that he needed to sort out what was going on with Phil without dragging Callum into it.

Eventually Ben called time on their romance, leaving Callum completely heartbroken... before walking away with tears in his eyes.

Ben and Callum break up in EastEnders

It's over! But will a Christmas miracle bring them back together? (Picture: BBC)

But is this really the end for the pair? Or can a Christmas miracle bring them back together?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.