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EastEnders fans predict THIS shock twist for Honey and Jay after huge news

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

EastEnders fans are convinced that Jay has got the hots for Honey...

EastEnders fans have been convinced for months that there is romance brewing between Honey and Jay... and last night's episode seems to have cemented their beliefs.

Viewers were left horrified last week as Honey (Emma Barton) was assaulted by newcomer Paul after he drugged her wine on a date.

Honey and Jay EastEnders

Jay has been a great friend to Honey throughout her ordeal (Picture: BBC)

Thankfully Jay came to her rescue, but the ordeal has left Honey understandably traumatised.

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Since her attack, Jay has been by Honey's side to support her, and last night's EastEnders saw him helping her once again after she got big news from the police.

A new twist in Honey's ordeal 

Honey met with DC Ward and was told that while Jay arrived just in time to stop Paul raping her, that doesn't mean she wasn't sexually assaulted.

Honey and Jay EastEnders

An emotional Honey talked to DC Ward about her assault (Picture: BBC)

Honey was emotional after hearing the news, and bravely said she would stand up in court and give her version of events if it meant Paul couldn't attack someone else.

More than just friends?

However, by the end of the episode, fans saw Jay comforting Honey once again after finding her sitting alone on the swings.

Honey and Jay EastEnders

Jay told Honey how amazing she was in last night's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

As the pair chatted, Jay told Honey how lovely she was, and fans are convinced this is yet another clue that the pair are going to become an item...

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With Jay and Lola's romance suffering, it seems there could be room for Honey in Jay's life soon.

But how would Billy feel about the boy he raised as a son dating the mother of his children?

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