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EastEnders fans shocked as soap REVISITS long-forgotten storyline with brand new twist

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EastEnders viewers have been left reminiscing over storylines from years ago as the soap revisits a shock plot with a brand new twist...

Last night's trip to Albert Square has left EastEnders fans in shock after a huge twist in Kat Slater's abuse storyline was revealed.

There storyline might have played out years ago on screen, but last night saw the soap revisit the shocking storyline Kat was sexually assaulted by her Uncle Harry - something that she has struggled to come to terms with all her life.

Kat meets Maurice

Maurice tells Kat that Charlie knew the truth about Harry.

Last night saw Kat visiting her dad's old haunts as she tried to get to grips with the knowledge... all part of her bid to become a cab driver like her late father.

But while she enjoyed her trip down memory lane with ex-cabbie, Tony, Kat's day soon turned sour when she met another of her dad's old acquaintances.

After getting a cold reception from Maurice in a pub her dad used to drink in, she finally confronted the old man, wanting to know why he was being off with her.

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Kat finally got the the bottom of Maurice's odd behaviour, and once the shocking truth was out, she probably wishes that she'd never asked.

Kat was left shocked to the core when Maurice revealed that he knew Charlie and Harry Slater, and that he thought the chances of Charlie knowing about her abuse at the hands of her Uncle Harry were high.

While Maurice was vague about whether Charlie definitely knew his brother was grooming his daughter, EastEnders fans were devastated that Kat was faced with yet more misery to contend with...

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The episode ended with yet more drama when Kat drove back to Albert Square on her moped, knocking down a pedestrian as she struggled to come to terms with what Maurice had told her.

Kat gets back on her bike

Kat crashes her bike after her past comes back to haunt her

Before she knew what was happening, Kat was out cold on the floor, lying under her moped... but how will she cope with this latest bombshell when she wakes up?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC1.