EastEnders fans spot a new relationship blossoming - and they love it!

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EastEnders viewers have spotted a new relationship blossoming in the show - and they're very pleased about it!

But it's not a traditional love match.

Instead, it's the bromance between Zack and Ravi that the fans have been enjoying.

In last night's episode, Zack started his new job at Walford East.

At first, he was loving it. Glad to be back in a kitchen and honing his skills as a chef.


Zack in the kitchen at Walford East

At first Zack was loving his new job (Image credit: BBC)

But little did he know that Jean had found Whitney's positive pregnancy test, and Stacey had revealed all.

As Zack took a break, Jean found him outside the restaurant and congratulated him on his impending arrival, oblivious to his shocked expression!

Sam and Ricky have lunch at Walford East while stressed Zack serves them

Zack was stressed out by Jean's revelation and quit his job! (Image credit: BBC)

And from that point on, Zack's shift at Walford East fell apart.

Orders were late, and when he served his other boss and sometime lover Sam Mitchell, who was having lunch with ex-husband Ricky Butcher, he got everything wrong.

Sam was nice about it, but Ricky was hangry and took it out on poor Zack, who immediately quit his job and walked out.

But not for long.

Zack and Ravi chat at Peggy's

Ravi came to find Zack (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi came to find him in Peggy's, and the pair shared a sweet chat about fatherhood. They both confessed to being messed up by their own dads and Ravi even gave us some info about his son Nugget's mum, telling Zack he'd had a one-night stand and they were "so young" they didn't try to make a go of things.

And then he offered Zack his job back.

Fans loved the cute friendship that is blossoming between the pair and took to social media to ask for more.

Some viewers said they wanted a Zack and Ravi friendship, while others praised the touching scenes between the two and said it had given them "all the feels"!

But it wasn't all good. 

After his little pep talk from Ravi, Zack went to see Whitney. And things did not go well.

They both flew off the handle, harsh words were exchanged and it ended up with Whit telling Zack that she and the baby didn't need him.


Zack leaves the Square

Zack packed a bag and left Walford. (Image credit: BBC)

Upset and angry, Zack went home and told Sharon everything. Then he threw some bits into a bag and headed out of the Square.

Has he gone for good?

EastEnders usually airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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