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EastEnders fans STILL confused over THIS character's 'death'

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EastEnders fans are still wondering what has happened to Hunter after he appeared to shoot himself nearly two weeks ago...

EastEnders viewers have taken to social media to share their concern about what has happened to Hunter Owen since he killed step dad Ray Kelly at the start of the year.

Frustrated fans have been sharing their theories about what has happened to the mother and son duo, who haven't been seen on screen since 4th January.

Could they be dead? Did Hunter hand himself into the police? Have they jetted off on holiday? No one really knows.

EastEnders - Mel and Ray in their wedding gear

They might be all smiles here... but it ended in tears

The drama started at Ray and Mel's New Year wedding when Mel tried to frame Ray for bigamy. The plan worked, but only after she almost got strangled to death first, after he found out about her plan.

The pair eventually tied the knot and Ray got arrested like Mel planned, but in true soap villain style he escaped the police after being arrested.

What followed was a dramatic night-time showdown in the woods, where eventually Hunter shot Ray dead after he tried to kill Mel for the second time.

The pair covered up their crime by burying the body and getting rid of Mel's wedding dress, and somehow just about managed to hold it together when the police came to the house asking questions about Ray, who they believe is still on the run somewhere.

EastEnders - Mel Owen Hunter Owen

Mel and Hunter... the mystery continues

But later as the pair promised to keep their secret hidden forever, Hunter could be seen still clutching the gun that he used to shoot Ray.

At the end of the episode a terrified Mel dropped a glass in the kitchen, and at the same time a gun shot rang out from the living room where Hunter was with the weapon.

Fans were convinced that Hunter had shot himself and were forced to wait until Monday's episode before they could find out the teenager's fate. Only, he hasn't been seen since, and the wait is is too much...

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It has been revealed in the press that Hunter is alive and well, although goodness knows where, because paparazzi pictures have shown him filming on location for episodes that are set to air soon.

In the images he looks like he's in big trouble with the police... and Jack Branning is also involved somehow.

So unless those pictures are a huge red herring, it's more than likely that Hunter isn't dead... so where is he?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron and BBC / Jack Barnes