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EastEnders fans 'still laughing' after spotting THIS hilarious TWIST last night

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There was serious drama in EastEnders last night when Honey revealed Adam's cheating...

Last night's EastEnders has left fans jumping for joy as Honey Mitchell finally confronted Adam Bateman about his cheating ways. But while watching Honey's world fall apart was heartbreaking, fans spotted a moment of light relief amongst the drama.

EastEnders viewers have been waiting for months to see Adam's lies catch up with him, and finally his latest fling with a woman called Sally became his downfall as even he struggled to keep up with his fibs.

Honey Mitchell is suspicious of Adam

Honey's suspicions were confirmed when Adam cancelled their plans for a shopping trip yesterday (Picture: BBC)

As Iqra confronted Adam about the mysterious Sally, Adam was adamant that she was his secretary. But Iqra knew better than to believe serial liar Adam, and decided to do some digging at the Vic Wife Swap quiz night.

As everyone gathered in the pub to see who had won the coveted Ball and Change prize, Honey was surprised when Iqra asked her about Adam's secretary. Knowing full well that Adam doesn't have a secretary, Honey was forced to cover and pretend that Sally was someone new at Adam's work.

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However, deep down it was clear that Honey's suspicions that Adam was playing away again were confirmed and she secretly plotted her revenge.

After quietly confronting Adam in the packed pub, Honey asked who Sally was and was fobbed off once again with yet more lies from her other half.

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But it seemed that this was one lie too many for Honey, and fans were left rejoicing when she found the strength to confront Adam in front of the entire pub by taking to the microphone and announcing Adam's cheating to the world.

However, the drama didn't end there. As Honey later packed Adam's things and threw him out of the house, the cheating dentist turned nasty and told Honey that she should have been grateful that she got to share him with other women.

Seeing red, Honey lashed out at Adam as Iqra and Ash cheered from the sidelines. Then, in a fit of rage, Honey launched a food recycling bin at her former boyfriend, leaving him with a bloody lip, and fans have hailed it the best moment of the night...

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With Adam finally put in his place, what will Honey do next? Could this be a chance for her and Billy to get back together again?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.