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EastEnders fans stunned to discover Dot is a secret MILLIONAIRE!

EastEnders Dot Branning

Dot's not doing too bad for herself!

EastEnders fans were shocked to discover last night that Dot Branning is a secret millionaire after Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) tried to steal her money!

While on the outside Dot (June Brown) appears to be a struggling pensioner, it turns out that she has over a million quid stashed away!

To be precise, Dot has £1,188,424.34 squirrelled away in the bank - think how much she could have if she hadn't of smoked so much?!

Dotty and Dot EastEnders

Dotty has turned detective to try and discover who attempted to steal Dot's money in EastEnders

The plot started on Christmas Day when an unknown crook tried to swipe five thousand quid from Dot’s bank account. Among the potential suspects was Martn (James Bye), although of course he was far more busy with important matters like pretending to blast away Keanu.

Dotty (Milly Zero) made clear to Stuart and Rainie that she thought they were the kind of “low life” who’d attempt to pull off such a stunt.

Dot's huge bank account is revealed in EastEnders

Dot's huge bank account is revealed in EastEnders

The one person no one seemed to suspect was Sonia. However, in last night’s flashback episode of EastEnders it was revealed that Sonia was in fact the crook.

Sonia claimed to be phoning the bank’s fraud department to clear things up for Dot and they told her it was Russian hackers. But sneaky Sonia was talking to herself and the phone wasn’t actually connected!

Shortly after clutching a Bible, Sonia opened up a laptop and on it was Dot’s account, displaying the huge million pound plus sum.

“How on earth has Dot Cotton got over £1m in the bank! Where have I gone wrong, haha?” Tweeted one viewer, another joked that perhaps Dot had been “fleecing that laundrette”. Another exclaimed “how much does Dot Cotton have in the bank!”.

EastEnders Dot Branning and Doctor Legg

EastEnders viewers may recall Dr Legg left Dot the money (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

There’s a simple explanation though for Dot’s vast fortune - Dr Legg. Her old friend left her a big inheritance after passing away last year.

After logging out of Dot's account and deleting her search history, Sonia clutched the Bible again, appearing to look up for forgiveness. But has she got away with what's she done? Or will she be found out?

EastEnders continues on BBC1.