EastEnders airs hostage drama in tonight’s episode as THIS character makes a shock return!

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EastEnders fans have only just got over one shock abduction after Louise Mitchell was taken by gangsters in April. But tonight there’s a NEW kidnap horror...

EastEnders nurse Sonia Fowler was surprised when her brother Robbie turned up in Albert Square last week with young son Sami Jackson. We last saw Robbie in December after Stuart Highway stumped up the cash for him to visit Sami, who’s been living in India with his mum - Robbie’s ex - Nita Mistry.

With dramas going on in Sonia’s household, Robbie’s old mate Kush Kazemi offered to let him and Sami stay for a few weeks. Kush is currently locked in a custody row with his son Arthur Fowler’s mum Stacey Fowler. When rueful Kush commented how good it was of Nita to let Robbie take Sami away for such a long time, Robbie looked shifty.

And no wonder… Nita texted to say she was expecting Sami to be on a plane home!

EastEnders Kush Kazemi

Kush sees all the missed calls from Nita on Robbie's phone

In this week’s episodes, Robbie has been ignoring Nita’s desperate attempts to contact him. When a shocked Kush saw the missed calls, Robbie confessed Sami was only supposed to be in Walford for a week. Despite being sworn to secrecy, a guilty Kush couldn’t let Robbie keep Sami from his mum and he told Sonia the truth.

In the first of this evening’s episodes, Sonia encourages Robbie to speak to Nita, knowing she must be out of her mind with worry. But things are about to take a shocking turn in the second episode of the evening when Sonia gets a call - Nita is in the country!

EastEnders Robbie Jackson and Sami Jackson

Robbie tries to comfort a frightened Sami

Robbie goes into complete panic and he barricades himself and Sami in Kush’s flat. Nita arrives in Albert Square and is horrified to discover that Robbie has taken Sami hostage.

Desperate to see her son, Nita tells Sonia she’s calling the police. This could be VERY bad news for Robbie. Will he get arrested for child abduction?

Fans will be delighted to see Nita, who is played once again by actress Bindya Solanki. We last saw the former Minute Mart worker in Albert Square a whopping 16 years ago when she left for Mumbai with Robbie and her son from a previous marriage, Anish Mistry.

Bindya has only been signed up for one episode currently, but could we see her making a more permanent visit in the future?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 tonight at 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm

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