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EastEnders LEGEND returns next week and is immediately caught up in love triangle

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There's a familiar face heading back to EastEnders...

EastEnders favourite Sharon Mitchell is back in Albert Square next week - and her arrival is set to cause trouble for Keanu and Louise's new romance.

The last time we saw Sharon in Walford was just before she fled the country ahead of Christmas, flying to Australia to stay with best friend Michelle Fowler after her romance with Keanu Taylor got too intense.

Sharon tells Keanu it's over

Sharon's back in Walford, but where does that leave her and Kenau?

But next week she is back on the Square, just as Keanu has started to put his feelings for Phil Mitchell's wife to one side and started dating his daughter instead!

Since Sharon left, Keanu has been teaching her stepdaughter how to drive, and the pair have grown closer over recent weeks.

After receiving a voicemail from Sharon at Christmas confirming that their fling was over, Keanu gave in to Louise's advances and the pair slept together.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Louise Mitchell

Louise and Keanu's on/off romance is thrown into question when Sharon returns

But despite initially telling Louise their night together was a mistake, Keanu has started to wonder if maybe they could be a couple - something that is surprisingly encouraged by Phil this week.

Sharon returns home with classic soap timing - just as Louise and Keanu are sharing a kiss, leaving her with no doubt that Keanu has moved on since she left.

But Sharon can't help but feel jealous about Louise and Keanu's budding romance, proving that she still has feelings for the mechanic.

Later in The Vic, Keanu makes it clear the feeling is mutual and he is still in love with her. But Sharon can't help but have a dig about the fact he has clearly moved on - only for Keanu to remind her that she was the one who ended things.

Keanu goes to see Sharon

Sharon tells Keanu it is over next week, but does she mean it?

As Keanu struggles to keep up appearances with Louise now that Sharon is back on the Square, how long will he be able to stay away from Sharon?

Despite her telling him what they had is well and truly over, will the pair really be able to keep their hands off each other?

And where does this leave Louise? It looks like someone is about to get heartbroken...

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