Are these TWO SECRET love triangles about to be blown wide open in EastEnders tonight?

EastEnders Billy Mitchell

Get set for a dramatic double bill tonight!

Things are hotting up in EastEnders with not one but TWO secret love triangles threatening to be exposed at any minute!

Phil Mitchell is happily plodding along at the Mitchell house, unaware that his missus Sharon recently had a torrid affair with Keanu - his "trusty" employee who also happens to have got his teenage daughter Louise up the duff.

Meanwhile, across the square, smooth-talking dentist Adam Bateman is sailing very close to the wind. He's playing happy families with girlfriend Honey and her two children William and Janet, but Hon has no idea that her "perfect" man is playing away with the young, beautiful and extremely naive Habiba Ahmed; grandaughter of his former foster parents Mariam and Arshad.

EastEnders Honey Mitchell Adam Bateman

Honey tests the water with Adam

Honey’s ex, Billy, is well aware of what a dirty dog Adam really is, and has told his former wife what's going on. But she has refused to believe him; convinced that it's just Billy's desperate ploy to win her back. And just when it looked like Adam was about to be busted - as Honey arrived at his flat whilst a half-dressed Habiba was in the bedroom - his lover managed to sneak out, leaving Honey none the wiser.

EastEnders Habiba Ahmed and Adam Bateman

Habiba confronts Adam about their future

But are things about to change? In the first episode of tonight's double bill, Lola gets involved, urging Honey to understand that Billy would never lie about something so huge. And things get increasingly awkward for Adam when Habiba confronts him about their "future" and pleads with him to leave Honey so that the two of them can make a proper go of things.

Will Adam be forced to put her straight and admit that, for him, it's just a casual fling? And if so, will Habiba - who thinks that because Adam is sleeping with her, he must truly love her - be so bitter about his behaviour that she exposes his treacherous two-timing?

Meanwhile, in tonight's second episode, Billy's words start to prey on Honey's mind, and she tests the water with her new lover, looking to see if there's any truth in Billy's allegations. And it looks like things are about to get extremely messy when Mariam and Arshad suggest to their grandaughters that they invite Honey and Adam round for dinner. Iqra - who is aware of her sister's secret affair - is increasingly worried that her sibling is going to get hurt, and ends up barging into The Vic whilst Honey and Adam are there, and raging at the couple as they enjoy a drink. Could she end up spilling the beans about Adam's philandering?

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 7.30 pm and 8.30pm.

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